Box Office: Identity Thief Retakes #1

Dwayne Johnson in Snitch (2013) Movie PosterIt’s still Melissa McCarthy’s world, and everyone else is still just passing through. (Sorry, Jason Bateman, but let’s face it, she’s the one people went to see here.) In its third week, McCarthy and Bateman’s “Identity Thief” returned to the #1 position at the box office over the weekend with a studio estimated $14 million. That was just enough to give the comedy top dog position over newcomer “Snitch”, which opened in second place with $13 million. I guess when it comes right down to it, Melissa McCarthy has bigger muscles than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson”. Someone should be embarrassed. You decide who.

The week’s other newcomer, the horror/sci-fi “Dark Skies” landed in 6th place with $8.8 million during the Oscar weekend. But don’t shed any tears for Scott Charles Stewart’s film — it was made on the cheap with a tiny (at least by Hollywood standards) production budget of just $3.5 million. Like most “low-budget” movies that opens wide these days, “Dark Skies” cost more to sell to audiences than to actually make. The movie stars Keri Russell as a mother who, along with her husband, must save their two boys from alien shenanigans. J.K. Simmons co-stars as a UFO “expert”, because who else would J.K. Simmons play in a movie about aliens but the questionable UFO expert?

Last week’s #1, the Bruce Willis actioner “A Good Day to Die Hard” fell hard to #5, taking in just $10 million in its second week. Fortunately it made a lot in its first week, and as of now has just south of $52 million in the bank. As expected, though, the film is doing gangbuster business overseas, where it’s already raked in a princely $132 million, giving the film a worldwide take of $184 million. So far. So yeah, “Die Hard 6” is coming. Tell them you heard it here first.

The CG family film “Escape From Planet Earth” and “Safe Haven” rounded out the Top 5, with “Escape” at the #3 spot and “Safe Haven” safe and sound at #4.

Keri Russell and Dakota Goyo in Dark Skies (2013) Movie Image

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