Box Office: Iron Man 2 on Top of the Metal Heap

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To no one’s surprise, “Iron Man 2″ took the top spot at the box office in its U.S. debut, clutching its iron fist around a nice $133.6 million take over the weekend, according to studio estimates. The sequel’s opening bow easily beat out that of the first film two years ago, when a then mostly unknown comic book character called Iron Man shocked everyone by pulling in $99 million in its first week. The original would go on to take in a whopping $585 million worldwide, re-igniting the movie career of Robert Downey Jr. The sequel is well on its way toward besting the original’s total take — adding $194 million it has over taken in overseas, the Jon Favreau sequel has now totaled more than $328 million worldwide in just two weeks of release. (The film opened a week earlier in overseas markets.)

With “Iron Man 2″ set to open last week, only a fool would try to open a film opposite it. A fool, or a bunch of babies. “Babies”, the Focus Features doc, opened in limited release (534 screens to “Iron Man 2’s” 4,380) with a $1.6 million debut, good enough for tenth place. Last week’s #1, the horror remake “A Nightmare on Elm Street” fell to second place in its second week, adding another $9 million to its coffers, for a total of $48.5 million in two weeks of release. The remake has yet to open overseas.

Here’s how the box office shaped up over the weekend:

1 —–Iron Man 2 —– $133,600,000 —–$133,600,000
2 —–A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) —–$9,170,000 —–$48,530,000
3 —–How to Train Your Dragon —–$6,760,000 —–$201,093,000
4 —–Date Night —–$5,300,000 —–$80,854,000
5 —–The Back-Up Plan —–$4,345,000 —–$29,415,000
6 —–Furry Vengeance —– $4,000,000 —— $11,621,000
7 —–Clash of the Titans (2010) —–$2,305,000 —–$157,808,000
8 —–Death at a Funeral (2010) —–$2,100,000 —– $38,323,000
9 —–The Losers —–$1,800,000 —–$21,450,000
10 —–Babies —–$1,575,000 —– $1,575,000

'Iron Man? Iron Man? Pfft. Who needs a guy in shiny armor when you have smelly diapers.'

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