Box Office: It’s a Good Day to Be Bruce Willis

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie PosterDespite near universal negative reviews from critics mainstream and otherwise, Bruce Willis’ fifth outing as John McClane in “A Good Day to Die Hard” took the top spot at the box office with a studio estimated $25 million over the weekend. The film opened to terrible reviews, and currently holds an atrocious 16% freshness rating at reviews aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. Though personally I liked the movie well enough. It was hilariously bad in spots, and it offered up one ridiculous action sequence after another, and yet, a smirking Willis was kind of endearing. Goes to show you — audiences just don’t give a crap what critics say.

Counting Valentine’s Day on Thursday, “A Good Day to Die Hard” earned a total of $33 million for the four-day weekend and $44 million worldwide. Expect it to add massively to that overseas total, as a film like this, with its bona fide character played by a well-liked action star, always translates well with overseas audiences where things like, say, plot aren’t that big of a concern. (Turns out, plot isn’t that big of a concern to American audiences, too, heh.)

The equally horribly reviewed “Identity Thief” barely lost out on the #1 spot in its second week of release, pulling in another impressive $23.4 million, giving it a whopping $70 million in two weeks of release so far. Not bad for a film budgeted at $35 million. “Identity Thief” beat out “Die Hard’s” fellow studio newcomer “Safe Haven”, which opened in third place with $21.4 million ($30 million counting Valentine’s Day). The film was expected to do great numbers thanks to lovebirds on Valentine’s Day and did, but third place and $21.4 million for the 3-day weekend is much less than the last Nicholas Sparks’ movie adaptation, “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron, which opened with $28.6 million last year. Then again, Josh Duhamel is no Zac Efron, but hey, who is?

Besides “A Good Day to Die Hard” and “Safe Haven”, two other new films made their debuts over the weekend, including the CG family film “Escape From Planet Earth” (4th place with $16 million) and the latest attempt to cash in on the Young Adult teen reading fanbase, “Beautiful Creatures”. Despite featuring surprisingly good reviews, “Creatures” failed to crack the Top 5, opening in a disappointing 6th place with $7.4 million in almost 3,000 screens ($10 million counting Valentine’s Day). It’s $2,500 average per screen was a major indication that this book franchise is no “Twilight” or “Hunger Games”, so fans of the book who did make the trek to theaters and are hoping for the book sequels to also make the jump to screen better hope the movie picks up in the next few weeks. “Beautiful Creatures” is saddled with a huge promotional campaign and a $60 million dollar budget, and it looks like a pretty big hill to climb for this wannabe teen franchise.

Of note: Johnathan Levine’s zombie romcom “Warm Bodies” fell from 2nd place to 5th place in its third week, adding an extra $9 million to its coffers, and giving it $50 million so far. The film has earned just short of $68 million so far in worldwide box office.

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