Box Office: It’s Go for Joe, But Not Getaway

Proving that they don’t need no stinkin’ critics to review their movie, Paramount and Hasbro’s latest toyline movie invasion, “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” came up tops at the box office over the weekend with a solid $56 million dollar opening in domestic ticket sales. The film also scooped up an additional $44 million in overseas tickets, giving it a $100 million haul in its debut week, according to studio estimates.

Although “Rise of Cobra’s” $56 million is solid, the film’s second week will determine if it’s a hit or a miss, given the movie’s staggering $175 million budget, not including advertising costs. At this rate, the movie would have to continually maintain its ticket sales just to break even. That doesn’t seem very likely, given the movie’s poor reviews and generally average word of mouth. Basically, if you wanted to see “G.I. Joe”, you probably saw it over the weekend. Expect the numbers to plummet in week two.

David Twohy’s slasher “A Perfect Getaway” didn’t fare quite as well. The Milla Jovovich thriller opened in 7th place with a disappointing $5.7 million. I never thought the film had a whole lot of box office potential, given the predictably generic trailers. But if the kids all went to see the “Joes” (and some went to see “Getaway”), the adults chose the week’s counter-programming movie, the Meryl Streep comedy “Julie & Julia”, which took second place with $20 million.

Some notables: “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” continues to hang on at the box office, taking in another $8.8 million for a 4-week total of $274 million, good enough for fourth place. The critically well-received comedy “Funny People”, which opened in first place last week, took a surprising drop to #5 with $7.8 million, giving the A-list movie a two-week total of $40 million, $30 million short of its budget. For a movie with both powerhouses Adam Sandler and Judd Apatow attached, the film’s current lackluster status is surprising.

Here’s how the Top 10 looked over the weekend (via):

1 —–G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra —–$56,200,000 —–$56,200,000
2 —–Julie & Julia —–$20,100,000 —– $20,100,000
3 —–G-Force —–$9,804,000 —–$86,116,000
4 —–Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince —–$8,880,000 —–$273,800,000
5 —–Funny People —–$7,866,000 —–$40,417,000
6 —–The Ugly Truth —–$7,000,000 —– $69,088,000
7 —–A Perfect Getaway —–$5,765,000 —– $5,765,000
8 —–Aliens in the Attic —–$4,000,000 —– $16,293,000
9 —–Orphan —–$3,730,000 —– $34,822,000
10 —–(500) Days of Summer —–$3,725,000—– $12,343,000

I'm telling you, the second week numbers? Gonna be HUUUUGE!

I'm telling you, the second week numbers? Gonna be HUUUUGE!