Box Office: It’s Still Up at the Box Office

In its second week of release, Pixar’s latest CG animated movie “Up” continues to top the charts with another $44 million, but just barely. The bromance comedy “The Hangover” snuck into second place in its debut, shocking just about everyone, but particularly Will Ferrell, whose “Land of the Lost” debuted in third place with $19.5 million, not even half of star-free “Hangover’s” first-week take of $43 million.

For a movie that starred three relative unknowns Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis (with Cooper getting a lot of geek play recently thanks to a string of casting gossip that has him attached to some high-profile geek-friendly movies), it’s a pretty big shocker that “The Hangover” so easily bested box office comedy mainstay Will Ferrell. Worst yet, the competition wasn’t even close. Will Ferrell, with his big-budget comedy, got trounced by a movie with no stars. Folks, that’s a bloodbath in Hollywood parlance.

Meanwhile, Pixar’s “Up” continues to prove that excellent writing and cute, funny kids can still make it in today’s market. The comedy, about a grouchy old white guy who disappears into the clouds with an overachieving Asian kid, took in another $44 million for a two-week total of $137 million. And in case you’re keeping track, McG’s “Terminator Salvation” continues to limp along at the box office, ending its third week on the charts by landing at 6th place with another $8 million. At this rate, the film will need better international receipts to recoup its estimated $200 million production budget.

The week’s other opening film, the Nia Vardalos comedy “My Life in Ruins” opened in ninth place with $3.2 million from just over 1,000 screens.

Update: Studio estimates were slightly off. “The Hangover” overcame “Up” on Sunday to take the top spot. Below is the revised box office numbers (via):

1 —–The Hangover —–$44,979,319 —– $44,979,319
2 —–Up —–$44,138,266 —–$137,210,701
3 —–Land of the Lost —– $18,837,350 —– $18,837,350
4 —–Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian —–$14,634,988 —–$127,326,188
5 —–Star Trek —– $8,310,480—– $222,712,175
6 —–Terminator Salvation —–$8,248,387 —– $105,568,008
7 —–Drag Me to Hell —–$7,040,550—–$28,233,230
8 —–Angels & Demons —–$6,550,282 —– $116,174,931
9 —–My Life in Ruins —–$3,223,161 —–$3,223,161
10 —–Dance Flick —– $1,958,725 —– $22,625,733

Below: “Dudes. We just took down Will Ferrell. West side!”