Box Office: JLo’s Silly RomCom Can’t Kick Dragon Ass

Why do Hollywood keep making romantic comedies starring Jennifer Lopez that has her character in silly situations that lead to predictable conclusions? Um, because tripe like “The Back Up Plan” still manages to make $12 million at the box office, just good enough for second place on the weekend, according to studio estimates. JLo wasn’t quite strong enough to muscle “How to Train Your Dragon” out of first place, though, and the children’s CG movie continues to do gangbuster business, re-claiming the top spot after barely missing out last week to newcomer “Kick Ass”. With another $15 million, “Dragon” has made $178 in five weeks of release, and has managed the rare feat of regaining the top spot after falling out weeks ago.

The week saw three new big studio openings hoping to kick “Kick Ass” out of the top spot. As it turns out, they were targeting the wrong film. Of the three, Jennifer Lopez’s “The Back Up Plan” took the second spot with $12 million, while Sylvain White’s “The Loser” debuted weakly at fourth place with a less than winning $9.6 million. The only thing going in “The Loser’s” favor is that it was made on a modest $25 million dollar budget, so recouping production costs and turning a profit shouldn’t be out of the question once it finishes its theatrical run and lands on DVD. The biggest gamble that proved costly has to be the documentary “Oceans”, which came in at sixth place with $6 million. Made for a whopping $80 million (over three times the budget of “The Losers”), the documentary opened in 1,206 screens. Look for it to rerun endlessly on one of the many nature-centric channels on cable in the next few years.

Predictably, Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick Ass” tumbled out of the top spot in its second week, landing in fifth place and adding an extra $9.5 million to its coffers. Nevertheless, the film has made $34.8 million from two weeks, more than enough to justify its $30 million dollar budget. And of course, as previously noted, the film should do very well on DVD, where it can wow its fanboy audiences with the full force of its, well, fanboy-ness. Expect deleted scenes and special features galore.

Here’s how the weekend box office looked:

1 —–How to Train Your Dragon —–$15,025,000 —–$178,021,000
2 —–The Back-Up Plan —–$12,250,000 —–$12,250,000
3 —–Date Night —–$10,600,000 —–$63,471,000
4 —–The Losers —–$9,605,000—–$9,605,000
5 —–Kick-Ass —–$9,500,000 —–$34,870,000
6 —–Clash of the Titans (2010) —–$9,000,000 —–$145,639,000
7 —–Death at a Funeral (2010) —–$8,000,000 —–$28,449,000
8 —–Oceans —–$6,000,000 —–$8,466,000
9 —–The Last Song —–$3,700,000 —–$55,398,000
10 —–Alice in Wonderland (2010) —–$2,200,000 —– $327,473,000

Jennfier Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin in The Back-Up Plan (2010) Movie Image