Box Office: Madagascar 3 and Prometheus Hang On

That's My Boy (2012) Movie PosterBlessed with two weak studio newcomers to challenge them, last week’s #1 and #2, “Madagascar 3” and “Prometheus” managed to hang onto the top and second spot in their second week. The animated “Madagascar 3” maintained its solid hold on first place, easily besting Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” by a whopping $15 million, giving it a studio estimated $35 million for its second week, and $120 million in two weeks. Worldwide, the third outing for the CG children’s movie has earned an outstanding $277 million. “Prometheus”, meanwhile, added $20 more million to its coffers, giving it $88 million so far Stateside. Despite plummeting badly in its second week, “Prometheus” is still managing decent numbers, with $217 million worldwide.

Neither “Madagascar 3” or “Prometheus” had a lot to worry about in their second week, with only the ’80s nostalgic musical “Rock of Ages” and Adam Sandler’s latest raunchy-for-a-buck “That’s my Boy” showing up to offer token resistance. Of the two newcomers, “Rock of Ages” won, claiming the third spot with $15 million. Amazingly enough, a movie about a bunch of people singing songs from the ’80s still managed to cost $75 million just to make. I guess all those aqua net hairspray really hiked up the bill.

But if you thought “Rock of Ages” cost more than it should, you’ll be flummoxed to learn that Sander’s “That’s my Boy” actually cost $70 million. Yes, $70 million. For a movie where the special effects begins and ends with Sandler doing one of his annoying pipsqueak voices. In return for that $70 million, “That’s my Boy’s” investors were treated to a lousy $13 million dollar opening. To add further insult to Sandler’s ego, the new film was beaten out for the fourth spot by the chick-led “Snow White and the Huntsman”, now in its third week.

The Kristen Stewart movie managed to tough out a victory over Sandler’s latest, claiming its share of the box office with $13.8 million. Overall, “Snow White and the Huntsman” has now earned $122 million domestically and $247 million worldwide. Despite a bloated $170 million dollar budget (not to mention advertising costs), it certainly looks as if Stewart will be the first of the “Twilight” triumvirate to boast a blockbuster hit.

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Movie Image

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