Box Office: Megamind Delivers Over Due Date, Colored Girls

Will Ferrell was recently announced as Hollywood’s most “overpaid actor” in Forbes Magazine (meaning the money he makes for his investors is the lowest of all major Hollywood actors), but perhaps the box office for “Megamind” will change all that. Ferrell’s CG movie, in which he co-stars with Tina Fey and Brad Pitt, took the top spot at the box office over the weekend, scheming a studio estimated $47.6 million in its debut. Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakas’ “Due Date” arrived in second place with $33.5 million, while Tyler Perry’s latest, “For Colored Girls Only” came in third with $20.1 million.

Other films opening in limited release include Doug Liman’s “Fair Game”, which apparently had no game at all, opening in 46 theaters for a total of $700,000. Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours” opened in just 4 theaters for a $266,000 take, which gives it a muscular $66,500 per screen average. Also opening in faraway places, the comedy “Four Lions” and the documentary “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer”.


Last week’s #1, “Saw 3D” dropped 4 spots to #5, adding an extra $8.2 million to its total, giving it $38 million in two weeks of release. Last week’s #2, “Paranormal Activity 2” also took a hit, dropping five spots to sixth place. The horror sequel has made $77 million so far. Bruce Willis’ “Red” continues to chug along, dipping into another $8.4 million, good enough for fourth place. The actioner has made $71.8 million so far, with overseas dates in some action-friendly markets still on the horizon. To date, it’s made just south of $86 milliion in worldwide grosses.

1 —–Megamind —–$47,650,000 —– $47,650,000
2 —–Due Date —–$33,500,000—– $33,500,000
3 —–For Colored Girls —–$20,100,000 —–$20,100,000
4 —–Red —–$8,858,000—– $71,871,000
5 —–Saw 3D —–$8,200,000 —– $38,801,000
6 —–Paranormal Activity 2 —–$7,298,000 —–$77,224,000
7 —–Jackass 3-D —–$5,097,000 —–$110,814,000
8 —–Hereafter —–$4,020,000—– $28,730,000
9 —–Secretariat —–$4,002,000—– $50,965,000
10 —–The Social Network —–$3,600,000—–$85,047,000

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