Box Office: Megamind Unstoppable Against Aliens and Rachel McAdams

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine may have the movie called “Unstoppable”, but it was Will Ferrell’s “Megamind” that proved unstoppable at the box office for the second week in a row. With another studio estimated $30 million dollars over the weekend (good enough to hold onto the top spot), the CG movie “Megamind” has earned $89 million in two weeks of release so far. And people were saying Will Ferrell was a bad movie investment. Pfft. What do they know.

Ferrell’s 3D comedy easily bested newcomer “Unstoppable”, which despite failing to take the crown, still did a respectable $23.5 million, good enough for second place. Movies with Denzel Washington in front of the camera and Tony Scott behind it have always been pretty hit and miss, but this looks like a semi-hit for both men, so I’m guessing they’ll probably take it. Meanwhile, the budgeted alien invasion movie “Skyline” opened in fourth place with $11.6 million, while the romantic comedy “Morning Glory” took in a less than glorfied $9.6 million in its weekend debut, good enough for fifth place. You would think the romcom would have done much better, given that it’s the only chick-friendly flick in the bunch of new releases.

Last week’s #2, the Robert Downey Jr. comedy “Due Date” fell to third place, adding $15.5 million to its coffers, giving it $59 million in two weeks of release so far.

1 —–Megamind —–$30,055,000 -34.7%—– $89,757,000
2 —–Unstoppable —–$23,500,000—–$23,500,000
3 —–Due Date —–$15,530,000 —– $59,008,000
4 —–Skyline —–$11,678,000 —–$11,678,000
5 —–Morning Glory —– $9,625,000—– $12,231,000
6 —–For Colored Girls —–$6,750,000—– $30,920,000
7 —–Red —–$5,114,000—– $79,818,000
8 —–Paranormal Activity 2 —–$3,050,000—– $82,000,000
9 —–Saw 3D —–$2,750,000 —– $43,468,000
10 —–Jackass 3-D—–$2,300,000 —–$114,708,000

'Hmm. Beaten by Will Ferrell. This is not good.'