Box Office: Megamind Unstoppable Against Aliens and Rachel McAdams

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Denzel Washington and Chris Pine may have the movie called “Unstoppable”, but it was Will Ferrell’s “Megamind” that proved unstoppable at the box office for the second week in a row. With another studio estimated $30 million dollars over the weekend (good enough to hold onto the top spot), the CG movie “Megamind” has earned $89 million in two weeks of release so far. And people were saying Will Ferrell was a bad movie investment. Pfft. What do they know.

Ferrell’s 3D comedy easily bested newcomer “Unstoppable”, which despite failing to take the crown, still did a respectable $23.5 million, good enough for second place. Movies with Denzel Washington in front of the camera and Tony Scott behind it have always been pretty hit and miss, but this looks like a semi-hit for both men, so I’m guessing they’ll probably take it. Meanwhile, the budgeted alien invasion movie “Skyline” opened in fourth place with $11.6 million, while the romantic comedy “Morning Glory” took in a less than glorfied $9.6 million in its weekend debut, good enough for fifth place. You would think the romcom would have done much better, given that it’s the only chick-friendly flick in the bunch of new releases.

Last week’s #2, the Robert Downey Jr. comedy “Due Date” fell to third place, adding $15.5 million to its coffers, giving it $59 million in two weeks of release so far.

1 —–Megamind —–$30,055,000 -34.7%—– $89,757,000
2 —–Unstoppable —–$23,500,000—–$23,500,000
3 —–Due Date —–$15,530,000 —– $59,008,000
4 —–Skyline —–$11,678,000 —–$11,678,000
5 —–Morning Glory —– $9,625,000—– $12,231,000
6 —–For Colored Girls —–$6,750,000—– $30,920,000
7 —–Red —–$5,114,000—– $79,818,000
8 —–Paranormal Activity 2 —–$3,050,000—– $82,000,000
9 —–Saw 3D —–$2,750,000 —– $43,468,000
10 —–Jackass 3-D—–$2,300,000 —–$114,708,000

'Hmm. Beaten by Will Ferrell. This is not good.'

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