Box Office: Monster Debut for Monsters vs. Aliens

With only a John Cena action movie and a horror film without any big names to stand against it, Dreamworks’ “Monsters vs. Aliens” easily took the box office crown over the weekend with a whopping $58 million in its opening week. Not that “The Haunting in Connecticut” did so badly itself, as the film scored an impressive $23 million, good enough for second place, while John Cena and the WWE’s latest stab at action movie glory fell short, landing at #7 with $5.3 in its debut.

Meanwhile, the Nic Cage sci-thriller “Knowing” fell in its second week of release, but still managed to hold onto third place with another $14.7 million, good for $46 million in two weeks. It may not be much, but considering how badly Cage’s movies have performed at the box office that doesn’t involve him hunting treasure, I think he’ll take it.

Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen”, meanwhile, continues to underperform. The expensive comic book movie finally managed to break the $100 million mark in its fourth week of release. Budgeted at an estimated $150 million, not to mention the money it took to sell the film to the audience that didn’t show up, “Watchmen” still has a long way to go to break out of the red.

Here’s how Top 10 broke down at the box office over the weekend (via):

1 —–Monsters Vs. Aliens —–$58,200,000 —–$58,200,000
2 —–The Haunting in Connecticut —–$23,010,000 $23,010,000
3 —–Knowing —– $14,705,000 —–$46,220,000
4 —–I Love You, Man —–$12,600,000 —–$37,007,000
5 —–Duplicity —–$7,556,000 —–$25,639,000
6 —–Race to Witch Mountain —–$5,637,000 —–$53,295,000
7 —–12 Rounds —–$5,300,000—–$5,300,000
8 —–Watchmen —–$2,755,000 —–$103,296,000
9 —–Taken —–$2,700,000 —–$137,074,000
10 —–The Last House on the Left (2009) —–$2,611,000 —–$28,459,000