Box Office: More Proof That as Long as it’s in 3D, Moviegoers Will See Anything

What have we learned this week, boys and girls? Regardless of a film’s merits, all you have to do is convert it to 3D, and moviegoers will flock to see it. That’s the lesson this week as Louis Leterrier’s “Clash of the Titans” remake claimed the top spot at the box office, beating out all comers with a $61.4 million bow according to studio estimates. The Warner Bros. film easily outperformed all other releases on the Easter Weekend, beating the previous record holder (“Scary Movie 4” in 2006) by a solid $20 million. A huge 52 percent of the film’s total gross came from 3D screens, which justifies studios’ (and Warner Bros. in particular) addiction to converting every single film into 3D, even if the result is less than stunning, as seems to be the consensus in regards to “Clash of the Titans”.

Coming in second was “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?”, which as you can already guess by the movie title, is from the ever busy Tyler Perry. The film took in $30 million in its first week, easily recouping its $20 million estimated production budget. Up next for Perry: “Tyler Perry’s Things I Wrote on a Piece of Toilet Paper While In the Head”. Let’s face it, like 3D movies, as long as it’s got Perry’s name, people will flock to see this thing regardless of how much I make fun of it and the actor/director/cross-dresser’s audience.

The week’s other big opening, Miley Cyrus’s “The Last Song” came in at fourth place with $16.2 million. The film, Disney icon Cyrus’s first stab at an honest to goodness “adult-ish” movie, opened early in the week on a Wednesday and has amassed $25.6 million so far. Meanwhile, last week’s #1, the 3D movie “How to Train Your Dragon” fell to third place in its second week, but still managed another $29.2 million, giving it a 2-week total of $92 million so far.

Box Office Top 10:

1 —–Clash of the Titans (2010) —–$61,400,000 —–$64,055,000
2 —–Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? —–$30,150,000 —–$30,150,000
3 —–How to Train Your Dragon —–$29,200,000 —–$92,326,000
4 —–The Last Song —–$16,203,000—– $25,590,000
5 —–Alice in Wonderland (2010) —–$8,267,000 —–$309,793,000
6 —–Hot Tub Time Machine —–$8,000,000 —–$27,842,000
7 —–The Bounty Hunter —–$6,200,000 —–$48,957,000
8 —–Diary of a Wimpy Kid —–$5,525,000 —–$46,234,000
9 —–She’s Out of My League —–$1,463,000 —–$28,659,000
10 —–Shutter Island —– $1,462,000 ——$123,415,000

You can't tell, but this is Sam Worthington's happy face as he flees with the box office loot.