Box Office: Moviegoers Still Clicking Like for The Social Network

Don’t underestimate the power of social networking. Or, er, “The Social Network”, David Fincher’s fact-based “founding of Facebook” movie starring Jesse Eisenberg and future Spider-Man guy Andrew Garfield. Thanks weak competition, Fincher’s “Network” kept its spot at the top of the box office in its second week according to studio estimates. The drama added another $15.5 million to its coffers, for a total of $46 million so far. The movie has still to open overseas, and it’ll be interesting to see if the film’s Facebook theme translates with foreign viewers.

There were three major studio releases trying to knock “The Social Network” off the top, with the romcom “Life as we Know It” coming closest with $14.6 million in its debut. “Secretariat”, starring Diane Lane, came in third with $12.6 million, while Wes Craven’s attempts at jumpstarting a new teen slasher franchise from the ground up in “My Soul to Take” didn’t really “take” with audiences, opening in fifth place with a weak $6.9 million debut. Good thing Wes Craven’s got the “Scream” franchise to fall back on. Of course, given the sad state of American horror, $6.9 million may be enough to launch a couple of cheapie direct-to-DVD sequels anyway.


Zack Snyder’s CG owl movie “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” continues to disappoint, dropping two spots to #4 in its third week of release. The film adds an extra $7 million to its total, but continues to be a disappointment given its $80 million production budget. On the flip side, Ben Affleck’s crime flick “The Town” continues to do well despite ending up in sixth place in its fourth week of release. The film has already earned $73.7 million from a generous $37 million budget. Likewise, Emma Stone’s “Easy A” continues to surprise; the teen comedy has already grossed over $48 million from an $8 million budget.

1 —–The Social Network —–$15,500,000 —–$46,069,000
2 —–Life as We Know It —–$14,635,000—–$14,635,000
3 —–Secretariat —–$12,600,000—– $12,600,000
4 —–Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole —–$7,015,000 —–$39,401,000
5 —–My Soul to Take —–$6,919,000—–$6,919,000
6 —–The Town —–$6,350,000 —– $73,787,000
7 —–Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps —–$4,625,000—– $43,667,000
8 —–Easy A —–$4,200,000 —– $48,139,000
9 —–Case 39 —–$2,630,000—–$9,600,000
10 —–You Again —–$2,474,000 —– $20,731,000

'Baby poop = box office gold, baby.'