Box Office: Moviegoers Still Possessed, Could Care Less About The Words

The Words (2012) Movie PosterApparently not a whole lot of people felt like going to the movies this weekend, which was good news for the Sam Raimi-produced “The Possession”. The PG-13 horror flick starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick retained its spot at #1 in its second week of release, easily beating out newcomers “The Words” and limited release titles “The Cold Light of Day” and “Branded”. In its second week, “The Possession” took in $9.5 million, good enough for first place over fellow last-weekend holdover “Lawless”, which stayed in second place with another $6 million.

“The Possession”, which was produced on a $14 million dollar budget and has no real big-name stars in the cast, has already earned $33 million in two weeks of release ($38 million worldwide) thanks to little competition last week and now, this week. Its days as Box Office top dog will be over next week, when the fifth installment in the never-say-die “Resident Evil” franchise opens.

“The Words”, starring Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, and Jeremy Irons, opened in third place with $5 million. The film, which has a period drama element, was made for a very cheap $5 million, though that didn’t stop the producers from opening it in 2,801 screens anyway. At least it did better than “The Cold Light of Day”, which Summit dumped into 1,511 screens with almost no advertising to speak off. The film starred a pre-“Man of Steel” Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, and Sigourney Weaver, but if you heard anything about it, you’re one of the very few people who did. I suspect a lot of people went to the movies and was shock to see showtime listings for it. You would think a film starring “the guy who would become Superman” would get more promotion, but you’d be wrong. Then again, the film itself isn’t exactly a world beater…

Other notable newcomers opening in limited release includes the Russian-produced sci-fi alien invasion film “Branded”, which was pushed out into 307 screens; the British “The Inbetweeners Movie” movie, which could only manage 10 screens, and raunchy female comedy “Bachelorette”, which opened in VOD the same time. I guess anyone who wanted to see “Bachelorette” saw it on VOD instead. Or not.

Henry Cavill in The Cold Light of Day (2012) Movie Image

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