Box Office: New Nightmare Slashes up Brendan Fraser

Remember when Brendan Fraser actually made movies you weren’t embarrassed to see? Hell, nowadays Brendan Fraser makes movies that makes you embarrassed for the guy. Of course, the fact that he gets paid millions of dollars to make these awful awful awful movies kinda lessens that whole “feeling sorry for him” part. In any case, ol Brendan got sliced and diced at the box office by Platinum Dunes’ “A Nightmare on Elm Street” reboot, which slashed its way to the top spot over the weekend with a studio estimated $32 million. “Furry Vengeance”, meanwhile, limped its way to fifth place with $6.5 million in its debut. Maybe it’s not too late to get back into that “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D” sequel, Brendan. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, the CG “How to Train Your Dragon” dropped to second place after surprisingly taking back first place last week. The film added another $10.8 million to its coffers, bringing its six-week total to $192 million in the States, and $388 million overall. Tina Fey’s romcom “Date Night” held steady at third place in its fourth week, while Jennifer Lopez’s “The Back Up Plan” fell from the second spot to fourth place in its second week. Maybe JLo can ask TFey what her secret is.

“The Losers”, meanwhile, continues its freefall, now occupying the sixth spot in its second week after meekly opening in fourth place last week. The film has made $18 million so far, and at this rate doesn’t look like it’ll even recoup its modest $25 million production cost.

1 —–A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) —–$32,205,000 —–$32,205,000
2 —–How to Train Your Dragon —–$10,825,000 —–$192,385,000
3 —–Date Night —–$7,600,000 —–$73,627,000
4 —–The Back-Up Plan —–$7,240,000 —– $22,950,000
5 —–Furry Vengeance —– $6,500,000 —–$6,500,000
6 —–The Losers —–$6,000,000 —–$18,125,000
7 —–Clash of the Titans (2010) —–$5,980,000—–$154,036,000
8 —–Kick-Ass —–$4,450,000 —–$42,160,000
9 —–Death at a Funeral (2010) —–$4,000,000 —–$34,777,000
10 —–Oceans —–$2,600,000 —–$13,500,000