Box Office: No Hangover for Sandra Bullock’s Proposal

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ “The Proposal” is one of those romantic comedies where you can predict the plot points from act to act, and maybe that’s the point. The romcom easily overtook “The Hangover” and beat out Jack Black’s “Year One” in its debut with a $34 million take, according to studio estimates. But don’t cry for the boys and their hangover; the bromedy scored another $26 million in its third week of release, for a 3-week total of just under $153 million. No surprise, then, that according to director Todd Phillips, talking with Dennis Miller on the comedian’s radio show this Friday, said a sequel is already in the works with all the original castmembers ready and willing to return for another boozing engagement.

Besides the Bullock-Reynolds romcom, there were three other films making their debut over the weekend. Jack Black and Michael Cera’s prehistoric comedy “Year One” landed in fourth place with a respectable $20 million, while the latest Woody Allen movie “Whatever Works” took in $281,000 from nine screens, which averages out to about $31,000 per screen, making it the highest earner over the weekend. If you’re talking about per screen averages, I mean. That’s much better than the Norwegian zombie comedy “Dead Snow”, which opened in exactly one theater and came away with $6,000. Maybe they should have stayed home after all.

Here’s how the Top 10 looked over the weekend (via):

1 —–The Proposal —–$34,114,000 —–$34,114,000
2 —–The Hangover —–$26,855,000 —–$152,919,000
3 —–Up —–$21,336,000 —– $224,113,000
4 —–Year One —–$20,200,000 —–$20,200,000
5 —–The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 —–$11,300,000 —– $43,332,000
6 —–Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian —–$7,300,000 —–$155,953,000
7 —–Star Trek —–$4,700,000 —– $239,444,000
8 —–Land of the Lost —– $3,976,000 —– $43,672,000
9 —–Imagine That —– $3,100,000 —– $11,351,000
10 —–Terminator Salvation —–$3,070,000 —–$119,513,000

Below: “Suck on that, Hangover boys!”