Box Office: No Schmucks Are Gonna Beat Out Inception for #1

Christopher Nolan continues to prove his box office clout by retaining the top spot at the box office for three straight weeks, just barely nudging out newcomer comedy “Dinner for Schmucks” for #1. The trippy sci-fi actioner added another $27.5 million to its coffers, for a three-week total of $193 million, according to studio estimates. The film has made $279 million in worldwide box office so far.

“Dinner for Schmucks” opened in second place with $23.3 million, knocking last week’s second place finisher “Salt” down one spot. The Angelina Jolie spy action movie added another $19.2 million to its total, giving it $70.8 million in two weeks of release. With $32.8 million from overseas ticket sales so far, and some major markets still to come, “Salt” has now made $103 million, and should improve on those numbers when it opens in the United Kingdom and parts of Asia, where Hollywood action movies with slick production values and A-list stars usually do very well.

Kiddie talking animal sequel “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” opened in fifth place with $12.5 million, well below the 2001 original, which went on to earn $200 million in worldwide box office, more than half of that coming from overseas moviegoers. Meanwhile, teenage girl shrieking magnet Zac Efron opened in sixth place with his dramatic “I play catch with my dead brother every afternoon” movie “Charlie St. Cloud”, which pulled in $12 million bucks worth of swooning teenage girls. Talk about disposable income.


“Toy Story 3” continues to chug along towards the billion threshold, though at this point it’s looking doubtful it’ll get there. In its seventh week of release, the film has grossed $826 million in worldwide box office so far, and is slipping fast. It only added another $5 million over the weekend from 2,105 screens. Even so, the film has far surpassed the previous two outings, doubling up on the total earnings of “Toy Story 2” in 1999. The first “Toy Story” made $361 million back in 1995.

1 —–Inception —–$27,520,000 —– $193,348,000
2 —–Dinner for Schmucks —–$23,300,000 —–$23,300,000
3 —–Salt —–$19,250,000 —–$70,800,000
4 —–Despicable Me —– $15,543,000 —–$190,349,000
5 —–Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore —–$12,525,000 —– $12,525,000
6 —–Charlie St. Cloud —–$12,136,000 —–$12,136,000
7 —–Toy Story 3 —–$5,035,000 —–$389,674,000
8 —–Grown Ups —–$4,500,000 —–$150,713,000
9 —–The Sorcerer’s Apprentice —–$4,320,000 —–$51,881,000
10 —–The Twilight Saga: Eclipse —–$3,965,000 —–$288,200,000