Box Office: Pirates 4 Finds Booty. Lots and Lots of Booty.

Hear that? That’s the sound of Disney backing up a Brink truck to Johnny Depp’s house to beg him to do another (or two or three) “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. According to studio estimates, Depp’s latest Captain Jack Sparrow adventure, “POTC: On Stranger Tides” cleared a whopping $90 million in its first weekend domestically, and an even whoppier $256 million overseas, giving it a whoppingest $346 million worldwide in just one week of release. The film, despite boasting a ridiculous Hollywood budget of $250 million, has already turned a profit and then some after just one week out.

Can you say, “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” … and “6”? Of course, it’ll all depend on whether Johnny Depp wants to keep doing his Captain Jack shtick. There IS no “Pirates” movie without Sparrow.

In its second week, the female comedy “Bridesmaids” remained at second place, adding an additional $21 million to its $59 million total. It did much better than “Thor”, which fell to third place in its third week, adding an extra $15 million (down over 55% from last week) to its domestic take. The film has earned $145 million domestically, but has cleared an impressive $382 million worldwide from a $150 million dollar budget. I think Marvel will be plenty satisfied for a comic book character that most moviegoers have never even heard of. I see great things for “Captain America” later this Summer.

Of course, neither “Thor” or “Bridesmaids” have anything on “Fast Five”, which has already pulled in a whopping $506 million worldwide in four weeks, making it the highest grossing “Fast and Furious” movie of all time. Only “Fast and Furious”, the fourth entry in the franchise, came close with $363 million total. Both movies were directed by Justin Lin, the suddenly in-demand director.

In Flopsville USA, Screen Gems’ “Priest” fell out of the Top 5 in its second week, barely hanging onto the sixth spot with a limping $4.6 million. It has earned $23 million so far, and will be lucky to surpass $30 million by the time it finishes its local theatrical run. On the bright side, the film has already made $26 million overseas, giving it $50 million so far. Look for it to recoup its $60 million production costs (not counting P&A and all the other excesses involved with promoting a Hollywood movie) by the time DVD sales are figured in, though, which is some good news for fans of Paul Bettany doing more action movies.