Box Office: Scott Pilgrim Proves to be Expendable, Julia Roberts Survives

Even Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s adorable-dangerous-approaching-uber-hotness couldn’t save Scott Pilgrim and the boys from getting blown up by the overwhelming testosterone of “The Expendables” and then later, getting squashed by the flood of estrogen from “Eat Pray Love”. Edgar Wright’s well-received film (I have yet to run across a review that did not love it) opened in fifth placeover the weekend with a less-than spectacular $10.5 million. It’s doubtful the film will improve from that start, though there’s always the possibility of rescue from DVD.

Meanwhile, as predicted, Sylvester Stallone’s follow-up to “Rambo”, the male-infused “The Expendables” opened in first place with $35 million, according to studio estimates. Julia Roberts’ “Eat Pray Love” globe-trotted its way to second place with a very solid $23.7 million. The film, about a woman’s search for herself blah blah blah, also reached industry xpectations, and marks Roberts’ best opening film as the star in a long time.

Can you say, “Expendables 2: Even More Expendable?”


Last week’s #1, the buddy cop comedy “The Other Guys” fell to third place with $18 million, giving it a two-week total of $70.5 million so far.

Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”, meanwhile, seems to have waken up, and in its fifth week, fell to fourth place, adding an additional $11.3 million to its coffers. That was still good enough to beat out “Scott Pilgrim”, though. The complex fantasy/sci-fi has earned $248.5 million so far in Stateside box office, and nearly $500 million worldwide. Budgeted at $160 million, “Inception” is easily Nolan’s second best performing film, with only the juggernaut that was “The Dark Knight” ahead of it at $1 billion in box office and $233 million in DVD sales.

1 —– The Expendables —–$35,030,000—– $35,030,000
2 —–Eat Pray Love —–$23,700,000—– $23,700,000
3 —–The Other Guys —–$18,000,000—– $70,543,000
4 —– Inception —–$11,370,000 —– $248,554,000
5 —–Scott Pilgrim vs. the World—–$10,525,000—– $10,525,000
6 —–Despicable Me—–$6,767,000—– $221,993,000
7 —–Step Up 3-D —–$6,626,000 —– $29,565,000
8 —–Salt —–$6,350,000 —– $103,569,000
9 —–Dinner for Schmucks —– $6,316,000 —–$58,816,000
10 —–Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore —–$4,075,000—–$35,104,000

'Box offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffice!!'