Box Office: Spidey Takes 6-Day Weekend with $140 Million

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After opening big worldwide and setting box office records in multiple countries, followed by a pretty amazing $35 million in one day back at home, Marc Webb’s rebooted “The Amazing Spider-Man” lost some steam on its way to a somewhat expected (if you were lowballing the film’s box office in hopes it’ll do much better, that is) $65 million weekend. In better news, the film has made $140 million in 6 days when you count in the July 4th holiday, and $341 million worldwide after two weeks in theaters.

In terms of rebooted superheroes, Spider-Man bested Batman, whose “Batman Begins” opened in 2005 with $48 million on its way to almost $80 million in its first 6 days. But that was back in the dark days of 2005, when 3D was still considered a gimmick designed to steal more money from children by desperate movie studio suits. For further comparison’s sake, “The Avengers” recently opened to $270 million in its first 7 days.

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie ImageEven though it met industry expectations (if a tad underperformed, despite what Sony would like you to believe), $140 million Stateside in one week and more than $340 million worldwide is nothing to snicker at. If anything, it proves to Sony that pulling the plug on the planned Sam Raimi fourth movie (which was, according to reports, spiraling out of control with its budget) and going back to the beginning with a new director and new cast (and a much ballyhooed “untold story” on the character) was the right call after all. It’s curious to note, however, that Raimi’s much-derided “Spider-Man 3” opened to $182 million back in 2007, $40 million more than the reboot, on its way to making $336 million Stateside and $890 million overall. It should also be noted that “Spider-Man 3” didn’t need higher ticket prices or 3D screenings to reach those numbers. “The Amazing Spider-Man”, on the other hand, can thank 3D for more than 40% percent of its box office take so far.

At the end of the day, “The Amazing Spider-Man” probably did what Sony/Columbia needed it to do — get the franchise back on track with preparations for more installments. While some moviegoers might have been a tad wary of such a quick reboot (I know I was), the film has nevertheless scored really well with audiences, and that should pave the way for bigger and better things in the promised trilogy to come. What, you didn’t hear? Screenwriters have been hired, etc, etc.

Meanwhile, in non-spider box office news, Seth McFarlane’s “Ted” continues to over perform, taking second place in its second week with another $32 million, giving it a whopping $120 million so far. (The film has yet to open overseas, and I’m really curious if McFarlane’s humor will, ahem, translate.) If you were to tell me two weeks ago that a raunchy, R-rated movie about a foul-mouthed teddy bear would break $100 million in less than two weeks, I’d call you a damn liar.

Of course, in terms of competition, “Ted” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” didn’t really have much by way of rival studios probably looking to avoid getting smushed by the red and blue clad superhero. Universal’s “Savages” opened with $16 million, good enough for fourth place. Meanwhile, the concert doc “Katy Perry: Part of Me” opened in the 8th spot with $7.1 million. I will never understand why you crazy kids would track all the way to a movie theater just to watch a “concert movie”.

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