Box Office: Spooky Ghosts Top Jackasses, Matt Damon

Call it two for two — the “Paranormal Activity” franchise rolls on, with the second installment opening in first place at the box office with a whopping $41.5 million. I guess you can say the sequel didn’t exactly sneak up on audiences like the Oren Peli original did. Boasting a ridiculously silly $3 million production budget (apparently hanging up digital cameras around a house location and hiring no-name actors don’t cost that much, go figure) “Paranormal Activity 2” took out some jackasses and Clint Eastwood’s supernatural drama “Hereafter”, which opened wide this week in fourth place with $12 million.

“Paranormal Activity 2” knocked “Jackass 3D” down to second place, where the “reality” TV show/movie continues to lure in moviegoers that, hopefully, won’t try to replicate what they see on the big screen. (Or do we want them to? You decide.) “Jackass 3D” adds another $21.6 million to its coffers, giving it $87 million so far in two weeks of release. Not bad for a film that is essentially about a bunch of overgrown adolescents playing cruel and vicious jokes on one another for laughs. My supermodel girlfriend from Canada calls that childish; now I can tell her it’s worth $87 million bucks!

Some notables:

Bruce Willis’ “Red” dropped another spot to third place, adding $15 million for a 2-week total of $43 million. While not exactly the stuff of legends, the film has yet to open overseas, where it should do reasonably well. Unlike dramas or comedies, action movies starring known names like Willis usually translates well overseas. David Fincher’s “The Social Network” dropped to fifth place, giving it $73 million in four weeks.

1 —–Paranormal Activity 2 —–$41,500,000—– $41,500,000
2 —–Jackass 3-D —–$21,600,000 —– $87,147,000
3 —–Red —– $15,000,000—– $43,483,000
4 —–Hereafter —–$12,005,000 —– $12,320,000
5 —–The Social Network —–$7,300,000—–$72,931,000
6 —–Secretariat —–$6,917,000—– $37,360,000
7 —–Life as We Know It —–$6,150,000 —–$37,615,000
8 —–Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole —–$3,175,000—–$50,172,000
9 —–The Town —–$2,720,000—–$84,653,000
10 —– Easy A —–$1,750,000—–$54,785,000

'B-b-b-but I'm Matt Damon. Matt Damon!!!!'