Box Office: Ted Proves It Has the Magic with $54 Million

Ted (2012) Movie PosterHoly shit. “Ted” just opened to a $54 million weekend. Tell me you saw that coming and I’ll go over to your house and slap you for being a little liar from liarville right now. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. A movie about a vulgar teddy bear from the guy that gave us “The Family Guy”? Let me say that again: Holy shit, “Ted” just took #1 at the box office with $54 million. That’s already $4 million more than the film’s budget. Yow.

Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” easily bested Steven Soderbergh’s feel-good boner of the year “Magic Mike”, which took second place in its debut with $39 million. The film was made on a measly $7 million dollar budget (I guess there was no fancy CGI involved with the guys’, er, assets), though that’s a little deceiving. The advertising budget for the film alone probably quadrupled the budget, or close enough. Still, $39 million for a male stripper movie is a hell of a haul. I guess this proves it once and for all, doesn’t it? Channing Tatum is a movie star. God help us. (No wonder Paramount was willing to delay “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” for a whole year just to add in more Channing.)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie PosterIn other news, Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” is already kicking ass overseas. Although anticipation for Marc Webb’s reboot is tracking “softly” (according to industry insiders, i.e. rival studios) ahead of its July 3rd opening Stateside, apparently overseas moviegoers didn’t get the memo, because they have been flocking to the reboot in record numbers. In its first week of release overseas, the film has already grossed $50 million, with $13 million from South Korea alone. Add $11 million from Japan and $6 million from India, and it’s looking like a very good overseas take for the arachnid superhero.

For a 2012 perspective, “The Amazing Spider-Man’s” $13 million in Korea was bigger than “The Avengers”, likewise for India, which preferred Sony’s Spidey over Marvel’s combined superhero might.

$50 million in its first week overseas is nothing to sneeze at, but keep in mind that Peter Berg’s “Battleship” was on track to make $300 million overseas ahead of its Stateside opening a few months ago. Then the film opened and promptly tanked in the States. That eventually sealed the film’s fate, and “Battleship” is now considered another major flop for Universal. The weak Stateside tally also weakened the film overseas, and “Battleship” never surpassed the expected $300 million, eventually topping off at $236 million and $300 million worldwide.

“The Amazing Spider-Man”, though, is no “Battleship”, and from what I’ve seen, the film certainly looks like it has a lot going for it. If, you know, you forget that it’s only been five years since the last “Spider-Man” movie…

Also at the box office, “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection” opened in 4th place with $26 million, while the star-studded family drama “People Like Us” opened in 10th place with $4 million. You tell me why that film cost $16 million, while Soderbergh was able to deliver “Magic Mike” at only $7 million. Hollywood, it’s a hell of a place.

Adam Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Kevin Nash and Matt Bomer in Magic Mike (2012) Movie Image

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