Box Office: The American Takes Down the Pissed Off Mexican

He’s mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore. In fact, he’s probably gonna slice you up real good, gringo, but not good enough to take down George Clooney and “The American”, it would appear. At least, according to studio estimates, which has the Clooney hitman movie making just south of $13 million to “Machete’s” $11.3 million in a very slow weekend at the box office.

Last week’s number one, “Takers”, fell just one spot to second place, showing surprising resilience for a film that no one really took much notice of right up to its release. The heist movie made another $11.4 million in its second week, giving it a two-week total of just south of $40 million so far, easily recouping its $32 million dollar production budget. Screen Gems is probably as surprised as anyone that the film has performed as well as it did.

Of the three new releases, “The American” took the slow Labor Day weekend with its $13 million, with “Machete” opening in third place with its $11.3 million, while the Drew Barrymore-Justin Long romcom “Going the Distance” opened in fifth place with $6.8 million despite opening in more screens than both “The American” and “Machete”.


Last week’s second place, the low-budget horror movie “The Last Exorcism” fell to fourth place with another $7.6 million in its second week, giving it $32 million so far in two weeks of release. Not bad for a film made on the cheap with an estimated $1.8 million dollar budget.

Not quite as cheap is Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables”, which fell to sixth place in its fourth week of release, giving it a 4-week total of $92 million so far. As expected, the film has proven to be a major draw overseas, and has already muscled in over $90 million in foreign ticket sales. The heavily testosterone-fueled action movie has taken in $182 million in worldwide box office so far, and should continue to do well overseas. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got close to the $300 mark in the coming weeks when all is said and done.

1 ——The American —–$12,968,000—–$16,114,000
2 —–Takers —–$11,450,000—– $37,900,000
3 —–Machete —–$11,300,000 —–$11,300,000
4 —–The Last Exorcism —–$7,645,000 —– $32,477,000
5 —–Going the Distance—– $6,885,000—– $6,885,000
6 —–The Expendables —–$6,592,000 —– $92,159,000
7 —–The Other Guys —–$5,400,000 —– $106,866,000
8 —–Eat Pray Love —–$4,850,000 —– $68,954,000
9 —–Inception —– $4,530,000—–$277,103,000
10 —– Nanny McPhee Returns —–$3,575,000 —– $22,441,000

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