Box Office: The Hobbit Stands Tallest For Second Straight Week

Jack Reacher (2012) Movie PosterPeople may or may not have issues while watching Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” on the big screen, but they are apparently still going in droves to see the littlest hero of them all. The film, the first of three new titles, took the #1 spot for the second straight week, adding a studio estimated $36.7 million to its coffers, giving it just south of $150 million in its first two weeks of release. The film performed even better Internationally, with $284 million already in the bank. Worldwide, the film has earned $433 million so far. Not bad, but still well below both “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King”, both of which had already earned $168 million and $190 million, respectively, after two weeks of release. This, despite today’s much higher ticket costs, which includes regular screenings and inflated prices for 3D and IMAX.

But hey, #1 is #1, right?

Tom Cruise’s “Jack Reacher”, meanwhile, had to settle for second place in its debut. The action film took in $15.6 million in its first weekend, quite a bit lower than expected. I personally thought the film would have done much better, but I can understand why it didn’t blow the doors off the box office. Aside from Cruise in the starring role, the film doesn’t scream “big-time escapist entertainment”, something that Cruise won’t have any issues with when he opens up with two sci-fi epics next year. Ironically, the lack of big-budget CGI mayhem is definitely in keeping with the books. Jack Reacher, in book or movie form, is not the guy who is going to save the world. He might save someone’s life, but just not everyone’s.

But at least Cruise can say that he beat out Judd Apatow’s “This is 40”, the self-described “sort-of sequel” to Apatow’s comedy hit “Knocked Up”. The dramedy starring Apatow’s wife and kids came in third place with $12 million, not even half of “Knocked Up’s” debut, and nowhere close to Apatow’s last movie, the Adam Sandler-fronted “Funny People”. You can probably blame the lack of a big-name comedy star in the lead for the film’s lackluster performance. Throw in the aforementioned Sandler in the Paul Rudd role and Apatow might have doubled the film’s debut. But then you’d have Sandler instead of Rudd, so…

Last week’s #2, “Rise of the Guardians” fell to fourth place, while Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” dropped two spots from #3 last week to #5 this week.

Leslie Mann and Jason Segel in This Is 40 (2012) Movie Image

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