Box Office: The Karate Kid High Kicks The A-Team on Their Ass

In this weekend’s Battle of ’80s Nostalgia, it wasn’t much of a competition — the Karate Kid, as he did with the Cobra Kai three decades earlier, crane kicked the living shit out of Joe Carnahan’s big-screen adaptation of “The A-Team”. It wasn’t even close. From the very start, Jackie Chan’s kid-friendly remake of “The Karate Kid” claimed dominance over the best laid plans of “The A-Team”, which though rated PG-13, probably featured way too many explosions for many parents to take their little tykes.

“The Karate Kid” opened with an impressive two-to-one ratio in terms of earnings on Friday, and that margin only widened over the weekend, according to studio estimates. “The Karate Kid” exceeded all expectations with $56 million in its first week, easily surpassing the film’s reported $40 million dollar budget. Meanwhile, the much more expensive “A-Team”, which was expected to battle “The Karate Kid” for first place, barely cleared $26 million in its debut. Yikes.

(Note: The film also marked Jackie Chan’s third biggest opener, behind 2008’s “Kung Fu Panda” with $60 million, and 2001’s “Rush Hour 2”, which opened to $67 million nine years ago.)

The rise of the “Karate Kid” finally meant “Shrek Forever After” was knocked off its reign, falling to third place with $15.8 million. Though it’s still got a long way to go to meet the standards of the previous three films in the series, “Forever” has nevertheless cleared $210 in four weeks of release in the States, and $277 million worldwide.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s action-adventure maiden voyage, meanwhile, continues to slip. “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” fell to sixth place in its third week, down two spots from last week’s #4. Although the film has only made a disappointing $72 so far in the States, it continues to perform well overseas. The Disney film has made $262 million so far in worldwide grosses. Give it another week or two, and a sequel should start looking more like a reality. And like most Disney movies, it should perform exceptionally well on DVD.

So the lesson here? When your kid comes to you and say, “Hey, dad, I want to be a movie star now. Pretty please?” You should probably find a movie for him. (Note: It helps if your name is Will Smith. Or Aaron Spelling.)

1 —–The Karate Kid —–$56,000,000 —–$56,000,000
2 —–The A-Team —–$26,000,000 —–$26,000,000
3 —–Shrek Forever After —–$15,800,000—–$210,052,000
4 —–Get Him to the Greek —–$10,100,000—– $36,500,000
5 —–Killers —–$8,170,000 —–$30,670,000
6 —–Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time —–$6,600,000 —–$72,300,000
7 —–Marmaduke —–$6,000,000 —–$22,278,000
8 —–Sex and the City 2 —– $5,525,000 —–$84,745,000
9 —–Iron Man 2 —– $4,550,000—–$299,311,000
10 —–Splice —–$2,860,000 —–$13,071,000

'My dad was right, Jackie! Getting into the movie is easy! I wonder why every kid doesn't do it?'