Box Office: The Other Guys Top the Inception Guys

Looks like dream time is over for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. In its fourth week of release, the dream movie was finally knocked down to second place, making space for Adam McKay’s “The Other Guys”, which opened in first place with a surprising $35.6 million, according to studio estimates. Tell me you expected that and I’ll call you a liar. In four weeks of release, Nolan’s fantasy thriller has already cleared $227.7 million at the domestic box office so far and $477.7 million worldwide. That should be welcome news to Scrooge McDuck.

Which begs the question: does this mean Adam McKay’s desire to adapt the Garth Ennis comic book “The Boys” is closer to reality? We shall see.

The week’s other big studio release was the dance movie “Step Up 3D”, which opened in third place with $15.5 million, beaten out for the second spot by “Inception’s” $18.5 million. 2006’s “Step Up”, the first movie that launched the franchise, opened with $29.5 million, while the first sequel two years ago slipped a bit with a $25 million weekend. By comparison, part three, despite (or perhaps because of?) its gimmicky 3D, marks the weakest opening for the franchise so far. I guess slapping 3D on everything doesn’t actually translate into box office gold, huh? Sucks to be the guy who came up with that bright idea given the cost of shooting in (or converting in post to) 3D.

1 ——The Other Guys ——$35,600,000 ——$35,600,000
2 ——Inception ——$18,600,000 ——$227,732,000
3 ——Step Up 3-D ——$15,500,000 ——$15,500,000
4 ——Salt ——$11,100,000 ——$91,980,000
5 ——Dinner for Schmucks ——$10,500,000 ——$46,746,000
6 ——Despicable Me ——$9,400,000 ——$209,400,000
7 ——Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore ——$6,910,000 —— $26,436,000
8 ——Charlie St. Cloud ——$4,700,000 —— $23,500,000
9 ——Toy Story 3 ——$3,048,000 ——$396,317,000
10 ——The Kids Are All Right ——$2,606,000 —— $14,011,000

Look, kids, it's dancing -- in 3D! Bring your friends!