Box Office: The Purge Surprises With $36 Million Debut and #1 Spot

The Purge (2013) Movie PosterIt’s the premise that sold it: in a future America, citizens get 12 hours to do whatever the heck they want, including murdering their neighbors with no repercussions. The execution? Well, probably not so good. Like most reviewers who saw James DeMonaco’s film, our James Mudge thought it had an excellent premise, but was lacking follow-through. Moviegoers, on the other hand, thought otherwise, and helped the low-budget film (by Hollywood standards, anyway) to #1 at the box office, beating out the higher-profiled “The Internship” and finally knocking “Fast and Furious 6” off its perch.

With a very health $36 million (according to studio estimates), it’s no wonder the producers of “The Purge” have already started working on a sequel. Made for a tiny $3 million budget, I think it’s safe to say that the film has far surpassed all expectations with its #1 debut, sending Justin Lin’s “Fast and Furious 6” down to second place. The latest entry in the car racing franchise earned another solid $19 million in its third week, giving it $584 million so far in worldwide gross. Not bad for the sixth movie in a franchise that gets more and more ludicrous with every installment.

Meanwhile, Fox’s “The Internship” opened in 4th place with a disappointing $18 million. The comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson cost an improbable $58 million to make (not counting promotional costs), which is, if you’re keeping track at home, $55 million more than “The Purge”. The comedy, which features a prominent appearance by Internets giant Google, opened $1 million short of beating out last week’s second place holdover “Now You See Me”, which dropped one spot to third place with another $19.5 million (good enough for $64 million worldwide so far, though it, too, looks like it’s run out of steam).

Speaking of crashing and burning, Will Smith’s “After Earth” suffered another major embarrassment, falling 4 spots to 7th place after its already surprising third place debut last week. The $130 million film has made $46 million so far in two weeks of release, but has almost matched that amount with $45 million overseas. While the film may be stumbling its way to a weak finish domestically, the movie looks like it might end up earning most of its money from foreign box office, thus salvaging another M. Night Shyamalan disaster. His last movie, “The Last Airbender”, managed a similar fate.

The Internship (2013) Movie Poster

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