Box Office: Toy Story 3 Outdraws Jonah Hex

A shocker at the box office this weekend, as Pixar’s much-hyped “Toy Story 3” just barely managed to edge out “Jonah Hex” for the weekend crown. Aw, I’m just messin’ with ya. “Toy Story 3” buried “Jonah Hex” so far down the box office charts that you’re going to need all of Megan Fox’s sucking power to pull him out of the hole. According to studio estimates, “Toy Story 3” opened with a bang, raking in $41 million on Friday alone, and building towards a $109 million weekend haul. “Jonah Hex”, by comparison, just barely managed south of $2 million on Friday, on its way to a weak $5.1 million over the weekend.

“Jonah Hex”, based on a D.C. comic book character, did so poorly that it didn’t even break into the Top 5, landing in 8th place behind the equally poorly received “Killers” at 7th. Last week’s “The Karate Kid” fell to second place, adding another impressive $29 million to its coffers, for a two-week total of $106.3 million million. Honestly, I don’t know if the complete failure of “Jonah Hex” to make any kind of bang at the box office whatsoever means if Josh Brolin and Megan Fox can’t open a movie to save their life, or if people just weren’t all that curious about a guy with a pizza face shooting bad guys in the Wild West. I reckon it might be a combination of the two, to be honest with you.

“Toy Story 3’s” take puts the final installment (well, that’s what they say, anyway) over $153 million worldwide, including $45 from overseas markets. The first “Toy Story” maxed out at $361 million way back when it first debuted in 1995, and the sequel improved on that with $485 million. “Toy Story 3’s” $109 in the States easily made it the franchise’s best weekend opener, soundly beating part two’s $57 million back in 1999.


Disney’s “Prince of Persia” continues to underperform in the States, but continues a hot streak overseas. The mega-budgeted action-adventure has already amassed $213 million from overseas markets, giving it a total of $293 million total so far. That’s a hit, even if the film will be considered a major flop Stateside. “Shrek Forever After” fell from third place to fifth place in its fifth week, giving it $309 million in worldwide grosses so far. That’s not an altogether bad number, but it pales in comparison to its predecessors. “Shrek 2” alone nearly surpassed the $1 billion dollar mark. “Shrek Forever After” has no hope of even making half that much, though DVD sales should add to it total.

1 —–Toy Story 3 —–$109,000,000 —–$109,000,000
2 —–The Karate Kid —–$29,000,000 —–$106,254,000
3 —–The A-Team —–$13,775,000 —– $49,797,000
4 —–Get Him to the Greek —– $6,117,000 —— $47,857,000
5 —–Shrek Forever After —– $5,520,000 —— $222,977,000
6 —–Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time —–$5,273,000 —–$80,508,000
7 —–Killers —–$5,100,000 —–$39,370,000
8 —–Jonah Hex —–$5,085,000 —– $5,085,000
9 —–Iron Man 2 —–$2,675,000 —–$304,764,000
10 —–Marmaduke —–$2,650,000 —–$27,886,000

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