Box Office: Twilight Eclipses the Last Airbender


No real surprise here: “Eclipse”, David Slade’s contribution to Summit Entertainment’s juggernaut “Twilight” franchise came in first at the box office over the weekend with $69 million, and $161 million since it opened on Wednesday earlier in the week, according to studio estimates. “Eclipse’s” five-day total of $161 million was impressive, but not close to knocking off the reigning champ, Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, which raked in $200 million in its first five-days a year ago.

Another film with an equally rabid fanbase (though I don’t recall seeing endless stories about its fans camping out on opening day), M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender” opened in second place over the weekend with $40.6 million. The film also debuted earlier in the week on Thursday, giving it a four-day total of $57 million, quaint by comparison to “Eclipse’s” five-day total. The problem for Shyamalan and Paramount is that “Airbender”, besides opening with mostly poor reviews from critics and fans alike, is that it arrives in theaters with a budget that is $100 million more than “Eclipse’s”, so getting trounced by the other film is not a good sign.

Envisioned by writer/director Shyamalan as a trilogy, and written and executed with that in mind, it’s anybody’s guess if the film will make enough in the coming weeks to justify the expenditure of the next two parts. If “Airbender” does fail, hopefully it will provide a lesson to Hollywood: while it’s fine to desire a trilogy, it’s not always wise to make the first movie expecting you’ll be able to do two more. The phrase, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” comes to mind. Give us at least ONE good film first, then start talking about two more, and not the other way around.


In what might be a first, last week’s #1 to #7 all moved down two spots each, but somehow managed to maintain their exact position. “Toy Story 3″ easily held onto the third spot, beating out Adam Sandler’s boy comedy “Grown Ups”.

While those two films continue to perform well, the same can’t be said for Tom Cruise’s “Knight and Day”, which continues to struggle mightily. Now in the fifth spot, the action-comedy took in another measly $10 million, giving it $45.5 million in two weeks of release. That normally wouldn’t be bad for an action movie, but considering the film’s ridiculously (and needlessly) high $117 million dollar budget (honestly, the Koreans or Chinese could have done the exact same movie for $10 million, if not less), “Knight’s” box office showing is proving to be a major disappointment. Cruise better hope that his usually strong foreign box office charms show up when the film begins its overseas marketing campaign.

1 —–The Twilight Saga: Eclipse—– $69,000,000 —–$161,000,000
2 —–The Last Airbender —–$40,650,000 —–$57,000,000
3 —–Toy Story 3 —–$30,174,000 —–$289,000,000
4 —–Grown Ups —–$18,500,000 —–$77,082,000
5 —–Knight & Day —–$10,200,000 —– $45,508,000
6 —–The Karate Kid —–$8,000,000 —–$151,523,000
7 —–The A-Team —–$3,025,000 —–$69,116,000
8 —–Get Him to the Greek —– $1,185,000 —– $57,427,000
9 —–Shrek Forever After —– $799,000 —–$232,182,000
10 —–Cyrus —–$770,000 —– $1,488,000

'Eclipse is out? Sweet! Out of my way, I wanna be first to see it, too!'

Author: Nix

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  • Seven

    Do not go see Avatar the Last Airbender! If they fire M Night Shyamalan then this series will have hope!

    Anyway I do like the last picture and its' caption. :D

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  • The Realist

    Americans will flock to the theater to watch ANYTHING… long as it's in English and has a Caucasian face, of course. There's NO WAY The Last Airbender should have made that much money.
    But the marketers knew what they were doing. Sadly and unfortunately (but fortunate for the studios) they knew that casting Caucasians in place of Asians would “sell” the movie.
    Let's see, if Jackie Chan is in a film, the use Chris Tucker to help sell it.

    If Jet Li is in the film then use DMX to help it succeed at the box office.

    Well, if you only have characters based off Asians…..hmmmm, I know…..just cast Whites and you will make your money. Hey, Brad Pitt was THE MEXICAN, Tom Cruise helped sell THE LAST SAMURAI….hey,……let's just use Whites to play Asian roles. That's a sure bet to rake in big at the box office.

    I'm Black and I think All of us in America have a long way to go. Perhaps Asians will get better representation in Hollywood in the next 15 to 20 years

  • bookworm

    Noooo. I think a part of me died with that caption on that picture. I mean come on, one thing is an amazingly thought out animated show, and another a series about sparkling vampires a woman dreamed about. I feel that there are so little people actually reading books out there, that once a book (with as many plotholes as twilight) gets popular with 13 year old princesses, theres no stopping it.

  • Ilovemovie

    Be more thoughtful, all you have to asked yourself is,”Do I want to see White actors or Black actors run around on screen in my country”? This will resolved to your doubtful. You want more answers,go to YOUTUBE and watch Bruce Lee interview about racist in Hollywood,then you guys will know what's up.

  • Yanna

    good one :)