Box Office Update: Kick Ass Eeks Out Weekend Victory

By now you’ve probably heard a lot of fanboy movie sites bemoaning the fact that Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick Ass” didn’t exactly light the box office on fire and kicked its ass all over the place as they were all expecting it to do. Some wonders if this is the end of the world. Silly, silly kids. I for one never expected the film to do anywhere near the $30 million that industry “experts” were predicting. Hell, I was surprised it even made as much as it ended up making.

So, as expected, the final Monday box office numbers have flip-flopped the first and second spot on the weekend box office, with “Kick Ass” finally securing first place over kid flick “How to Train Your Dragon” by a razor thin $195,000 margin. This is cause for celebration, but also a huge cause for concern.

For one, “How to Train your Dragon” was on its fourth week of release, whereas “Kick Ass” was arriving in theaters fresh and backed up by a huge marketing blitz by Lionsgate, which snapped up the film for $25 million last year. Fact is, while the film took the top spot this week, it’s going to plummet mightily in its second week, with romcom “The Backup Plan” and the actioner “The Losers” waiting in the wings. “Kick Ass” has proven to be a film with a very narrow demo, which will translate poorly to box office legs once the niche demo has been satisfied.

The film’s biggest strength is that it’s a comic book fanboy’s wet dream, and it was made for a moderate $30 million, thanks to having zero stars aside from a camping Nicolas Cage who, let’s face it, doesn’t cost nearly as much nowadays as he used to. Because of that, it doesn’t have far to go to recoup its production budget, and DVD sales should prove brisk.