Box Office: Valentine’s Day for Percy and the Wolfman

With everyone and their momma having already seen James Cameron’s “Avatar” in its first history-making first seven weeks, it was probably only natural that the film would start to slide down the box office charts with each passing week. Now in its ninth week of release, “Avatar” has dropped from second place to fourth place, giving way to three new studio releases — the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day”, the fantasy “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, and the horror remake “The Wolfman”. Cameron’s film still pulled in a nice $22 million ($659.6 million domestically), but its place as king of the box office is probably behind it now.

The star-studded, ensemble comedy “Valentine’s Day”, directed by Garry Marshall and starring names like Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Biel, Shirley MacLaine, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, blew away the box office with an impressive $52 million showing in its debut, easily beating out competitors “Percy Jackson” (second place with $31 million) and “The Wolfman” (third with $30.6 million). In just one week of release, “Valentine’s Day” easily earned back its $52 million budget. It’s looking like smooth sailing for the film, though it’ll be curious to see how it does in the coming weeks, with Valentine’s Day in the rearview mirror. The same mostly female audience that flocked to “Valentine’s Day” this week made “Dear John” number one last week. That film falls to fifth place in its second week, with a two-week total of $53 million.

The fantasy “Percy Jackson”, the latest attempt by Hollywood at “Harry Potter” success, did surprisingly well, as did “The Wolfman”, which entered theaters with a troubled production. Unfortunately for the Joe Johnston-directed (eventually, anyway) film, the budget clocks in at somewhere around the $150 million mark, so although it showed well in its first week, it’s doubtful the film is ever going to turn a profit given the huge price tag. “Percy Jackson” enters the weekend with a $95 million dollar budget, so it, too, has some ground to make up in the coming weeks.

Here are your box office weekend numbers via.

1 —–Valentine’s Day —–$52,410,000 —– $52,410,000
2 —–Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief —–$31,100,000 —–$31,100,000
3 —–The Wolfman —–$30,627,000 —– $30,627,000
4 —–Avatar —–$22,000,000 —– $659,605,000
5 —–Dear John —–$15,300,000 —– $53,178,000
6 —–Tooth Fairy —–$5,600,000 —–$41,528,000
7 —–From Paris with Love —–$4,740,000 —– $15,850,000
8 —–Edge of Darkness —–$4,585,000 —– $36,069,000
9 —–Crazy Heart —–$4,000,000—– $16,526,000
10 —–When in Rome —–$3,429,000 —– $26,027,000

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