Box Office: Wolverine Slashes to #1 with $87 million

Financially devastating leaked workprint? What’s that? Despite having an all but finished (sans special effects) copy of its workprint leaked onto the Internet a full month before it opened, Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” was still unstoppable, slashing and snarling its way to an impressive $87 million dollar debut over the weekend. The film easily took the top spot, besting Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner’s counter programming romantic comedy “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past’s” measly $15.3 million opening.

Though impressive, “Wolverine’s” box office glory was still not enough to unseat the X-Men films’ previous title holder — Brett Ratner’s much-derided “X-Men: The Last Stand” opened with $102.8 million back in 2006. Still, the comic book prequel did better than both Bryan Singer “X-Men” films, including the first movie’s $54.5 million and just barely beating out the second movie’s $85.6 million. Add the film’s domestic $87 million take with the $73 million it took in from 101 foreign territories, and things are looking very bright for Fox’s expensive summer film (the film’s reported budget is $150 million).

Meanwhile, last week’s #1, the Beyonce-Ali Larter chickfight flick “Obsessed” fell to third place with $12 million, giving it $47 million in two weeks. That’s still very impressive for what amounts to one big PG-13 tease that you could catch on the Lifetime Channel, or the Oxygen Channel, or one of those chick cable networks for free.

Besides “Wolverine” and “Girlfriend”, the week’s only other debut film was the long-delayed sci-fi animated flick “Battle for Terra”. No one, it would appear, cares very much for Terra or its battles, because the film landed just out of the Top 10 at #12 with just over $1 million from 1,162 screens. Meanwhile, in completely distressing news for Russell Crowe’s career as an A-list star, “Hannah Montana The Movie” continued to beat the living bejesus out of his “State of Play”, crushing the political thriller by a $40 million dollar margin.

Here’s Box Office Top 10 over the weekend (via):

1 —–X-Men Origins: Wolverine —–$87,000,000 —–$87,000,000
2 —–Ghosts of Girlfriends Past —–$15,325,000 —–$15,325,000
3 —–Obsessed —–$12,200,000 —–$47,002,000
4 —–17 Again —–$6,355,000 ——$48,497,000
5 —–Monsters Vs. Aliens —–$5,800,000 —— $182,405,000
6 —–The Soloist —–$5,600,000 —–$18,108,000
7 —–Earth (2009) —–$4,184,000 —– $21,848,000
8 —–Fighting —– $4,173,000 —–$17,507,000
9 —–Hannah Montana The Movie —–$4,075,000 —–$70,857,000
10 —–State of Play —–$3,655,000 —–$30,883,000