Box Office: Zac Efron Beats Russell Crowe, Buries Jason Statham

I don’t know who should be more embarrassed right now: Russell Crowe, whose critically well-received political thriller “State of Play” was beat out by Zac Efron’s been-there, done-that comedy “17 Again” in the two film’s opening weekends, or Jason Statham, whose “Crank 2: High Voltage” opened in 6th place, surely a sign that although the first one was kinda cool, there wasn’t a whole lot of clamoring for a sequel that defied all logic. Well, defied more logic, anyway.

Thanks to the power of tweeners, Efron’s comedy “17 Again” opened in first place with $24 million, beating out Crowe’s “State of Play”, which did manage to just barely beat out “Monsters vs. Aliens” with $14, good enough for second place, if just barely. “Monsters vs. Aliens”, in its fourth week, just barely missed out on the second spot with another $12.9 million to add to its coffer of $163 million.

Meanwhile, Jason Statham’s “Crank 2” opened in sixth place with a meager $6.5 million. I guess this means the chances of seeing Chev Chelios in yet another impossible adventure is little to nil. Hannah Montana dropped three spots to #4 in her second week on the charts, taking in another $12.6 million from the tweeners that have yet to defect over to Efron. “Hannah Montana: The Movie” has made $56 in two weeks of release. Statham and company wishes they had that kind of number.

Here’s how the box office Top 10 broke down over the weekend (via):

1 —–17 Again —–$24,065,000 —–$24,065,000
2 —–State of Play —–$14,099,000 —–$14,099,000
3 —–Monsters Vs. Aliens —–$12,900,000 —–$162,723,000
4 —–Hannah Montana The Movie —–$12,666,000 —–$56,133,000
5 —–Fast and Furious —–$12,290,000 —–$136,721,000
6 —–Crank: High Voltage —–$6,510,000 —–$6,510,000
7 —–Observe and Report —–$4,055,000—–$18,692,000
8 —–Knowing —– $3,478,000 —–$73,699,000
9 —–I Love You, Man —–$3,370,000 —– $64,657,000
10 —–The Haunting in Connecticut —–$3,150,000 —–$51,918,000