Boyd and Raylan Throw Down in New Justified Season 3 Clip

Timothy Olyphant in Justified TV Series

You know what I love most about the FX Channel’s “Justified”? That as cool and badass as Raylan Givens, the show’s hero, is, he’s not above getting his ass kicked, shot, or trapped. In believe you me, Raylan Givens is pretty damn cool and badass. In fact, getting his ass handed to him happens pretty damn regularly on the show, which is just dang endearing.

Check out a new clip from the show’s upcoming Season 3 (courtesy of Subway, if you can believe it; when I think “Justified”, I don’t exactly think Subway, but whatever), which finds Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and his childhood buddy turned nemesis turned ally turned sorta-nemesis Boyd Crowder (the awesome Walton Goggins) having a little talk that gets, er, a tad out of control.

(Also, glad to see Jacob Pitts’ Tim Gutterson getting something to do. God knows he was barely in the show last season. You would think the show’s writers wouldn’t have any problems finding something decent for a former ex-Army Ranger sniper to do, but apparently not.)

Season 3 of “Justified” returns January 17th with the intriguingly titled episode, “The Gunfighter”.