Brad Anderson’s Jack May Get Schreiber and Sam Jackson

Brad Anderson’s serial killer gets amnesia movie “Jack” may have found itself two bad ass mofos for its two main leads — Liev Schreiber and Samuel L. Jackson. Previous casting rumors had John Cusack playing the lead, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Or perhaps not. At this point, these are all rumors

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Schreiber is said to be up for the role of Jack, a serial killer who loses his memory after an incident. When he wakes up, the bad guy falls for the doctor who is helping him heal up, which proves tricky when his memories start coming back to him.

Jackson would play a character name Pete Chandler. That is, if both actors end up on the film, which at this point isn’t certain.

David Venable penned the script for “Jack”.

Anderson, meanwhile, is currently out selling his “The Vanishing on 7th Street”, yet another movie I’m dying to see.