Brad Anderson’s Vanishing on Seventh Street Casting

I’ve been a fan of Brad Anderson since his 2001 movie “Session 9”, one of the best suspense thrillers to ever come out of Hollywood. Anderson’s most recent film was the train thriller “Transsiberian”, which came and went unnoticed. His latest is a thriller called “Vanishing on Seventh Street”, which sure sounds like a horror movie to me, although THR calls it an “indie thriller”.

But listen to the plot, and tell me this doesn’t sound like a horror movie:

Written by Anderson and Anthony Jaswinski, the story is set in a once-thriving city where shadowy forms cause residents to inexplicably disappear. Five survivors fight to stay alive while grappling with the meaning of existence.

Sounds like a supernatural horror movie, right?

In any case, casting for “Seventh Street” has already begun, with former “Star Wars” wunderkind Hayden Christensen signing to star as a reporter investigating the mysterious disappearances. Christensen has done a lot since “Star Wars”, and he’s almost completely erased the stinker of that “acting” job from his resume. Almost.

The former Anakin will soon be joined by Thandie Newton (“Mission Impossible 2”) and John Leguizamo (“Ice Age”), the former playing a desperate nurse while the latter is a subway operator.

Shooting is set to begin mid-October in Detroit.

Now who would want to make Thandie Newton disappear?

Now who would want to make Thandie Newton disappear?