Brad Dourif and Jeremy Sumpter Explore Death and Cremation

What’s not to like about a horror movie that features both Brad Dourif and Jeremy Sumpter? If you’re curious as to whom the latter is specifically, I implore you investigate “The Sasquatch Gang”, a little-known bizarro comedy from one of the producers of “Napoleon Dynamite”. It’s seriously awesome. Justin Steele’s “Death and Cremation” is currently hitting the European Film Market, which means we are now privy to the film’s trailer, which, to my surprise, actually looks pretty decent. Not that I have anything against Mr. Steele and his endeavors, mind you, but the picture’s plot isn’t exactly intriguing. How many dejected teenager horror flicks do we need, anyway? Please don’t answer that, especially if you’re about to make one yourself.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Jarod is a bullied and fatherless 17-year-old high school outcast. He is viewed as a freak and scorned by his fellow classmates. Home life for Jarod isn’t much better, as he has to put up with his nagging mother and her self-righteous boyfriend. Sick of the badgering, Jared finds after-school work as an apprentice at Stan’s Cremation House, a funeral home owned by the secluded Stan.

Spooky! Thanks to Shock till You Drop for the scoopage.

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