Brad Pitt Explains his Murderous Method in New Killing Them Softly Clip

Richard Jenkins in Killing Them Softly (2012) Movie Image

Apparently Richard Jenkins has something to do with Brad Pitt’s mob enforcer in this new clip from Andrew Dominik’s “Killing Them Softly”. The clip finds Pitt confessing to Jenkins’ character about how he likes to approach his deadly occupation. Basically, while he kills people for a living, he likes to do it friendly-like. Or as friendly-like as you can get when you’re there to snuff out their life. And something about the economy, which I hear is a major theme in the movie.

Three dumb guys who think they’re smart rob a Mob protected card game, causing the local criminal economy to collapse. Brad Pitt plays the enforcer hired to track them down and restore order.

Starring Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Sam Shepard, Max Casella, Bella Heathcote, and Scoot McNairy.

The Pittster does it softly September 21, 2012.

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