Brad Pitt is Definitely Working on That World War Z Sequel

World War Z (2013) Movie PosterThe recipient of some of the worst pre-opening buzz I’ve ever seen since I’ve been covering movie news like a gazillion years ago, Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster’s “World War Z” (a very very loose adaptation of the Max Brooks book of the same name) nevertheless went on to do gangbuster business in theaters.

Made for an estimated $200 million (a complete third act re-write/re-shoot only added to the production budget), the film went on to earn $536 million worldwide, thanks in no small part to some fantastic promotional campaigns and the very cool (but ridiculous) shots of zombies flying around like CGI monkeys. I guess horror fans like their horrors fast-paced and generally fakey these days, go figure.

With the film having proven itself a winner with moviegoers, the pressure is now on for Pitt and company to deliver a sequel. According to Pitt himself, at TIFF to promote “12 Years a Slave”, it sounds like a sequel will happen. The actor tells Variety:

We’re certainly talking about it, yes. We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work. We gotta get the script right first to determine if we go further. We have so many ideas and so much information–we think we have a lot of stuff to mine from.

Given how the first “World War Z” ended, you have to wonder how exactly they’re going to continue the story. Granted, Pitt and company were talking trilogy even before the first movie opened, but nowadays in Hollywood, if you’re not talking up a “trilogy” for your genre movie before it even opens, people will probably look at you like you have a third eye or sumthin’.

But hey, when your movie turns a profit, Hollywood wouldn’t be doing its job if it didn’t explore the possibility of a sequel. I just don’t see where it could possibly go after the first movie’s revised ending. It sure felt kind of final to me.

Brad Pitt in World War Z (2013) Movie Image

Only Brad Pitt’s gorgeous hair can save us!