Brad Pitt No Longer Starring in The Lost City of Z

Quick bit of movie news before I sign off for the day and watch my Houston Rockets drop another game cause, you know, apparently we really, really suck this year or something. Anyways…

Vulture reports that Brad Pitt, long attached to an adaptation of the non-fiction book “The Lost City of Z”, has left the project. The problem, apparently, stems from money issues involving director James Gray and Paramount, which has delayed the film. As early as yesterday, Pitt was announced as fronting Andrew Dominik’s “Cogan’s Trade”, so that may have a little something to do with it, too.

“The Lost of City of Z”, based on a non-fiction book by David Grann, would have had Pitt playing Col. Percy Fawcett, who led a 1925 expedition into the wilds of Brazil to find the titular city, only to vanish forever. Shoulda stayed home with Angie and the kids. Well, I guess he will now, heh.