Brad Pitt Steps Into the Void

dark-voidRisky Business reports that Reliance Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B are going to develop the upcoming Dark Void videogame from Capcom into a feature film, the first movie to come out of a 2008 deal between the two studios, with Brad Pitt potentially starring. The story is typical videogame stuff: a cargo pilot named William Agustus Grey crashes in the Bermuda Triangle and is transported to a parallel universe, where he must battle with human survivors against an alien threat. It’s hard to evaluate the feature film potential before playing the game (its release date is January 12, 2010), but videogame adaptations don’t exactly have a great track record. Risky Business quotes Capcom senior VP of licensing, Germaine Gioia:

“As a game, ‘Dark Void’ was developed with a wide-screen mentality – a world full of adventure presented in cinematic scope and scale.”

Here is how I see videogame movies: even though I enjoy Stephen King’s The Shining, I also like the irreverent way in which Stanley Kubrick treated it. He found some elements from the book that he could turn into a movie and made it his own. Instead of making a movie that is the supplement to the game, with all of the actual gameplay stripped out and the meager story standing there stark and naked, filmmakers might as well find a game that has a concept that truly works as a movie, even if they have to jettison much of the details and start from scratch.

At least Dark Void promises an interesting world, so perhaps there is something that the filmmakers see in it, and since it is not released yet, they are not making it just to satiate some (literal) void of fan fervor. So we’ll see what comes of it. And with Brad Pitt taking a personal interest, perhaps there is hope for it yet.