Brad Pitt Will Command the Tank for David Ayer’s Fury

Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds (2009) Movie Image

Hollywood doesn’t do nearly enough good ol fashion WWII and Westerns anymore, which is a crying shame, as I grew up on those two genres and seeing them on the big screen is always a blast. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty rare thing these days.

Well, at least I’ll get a WWII movie soon.

David AyerDavid Ayer (that’s him to your left, looking all fearsome and such), writer of “Training Day” and director of “End of Watch”, is set to direct a new WWII movie called “Fury” that has snagged Brad Pitt as its star. The film would be set in 1945 “as the Nazi regime collapses and the five man crew of an American tank called Fury battles a desperate German army”.

Pitt, presumably, would play the commander/leader/dashing hero among that five men tank crew.

The last time Pitt was in a World War II movie he was killin’ natzees for Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds”. He’s currently trying to save the world from zombies in Marc Forster’s “World War Z”, so I guess he’d just need to swap the “Z” with “II” and we’re good to go.

Ayer will direct the film from his own script for QED International, with production set to begin as early as this September. Ayer is coming off “Ten” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and last year had the cop drama “End of Watch” in theaters.

Producer Bill Block promises that “Fury” will not be “your father’s WWII movie”. I haven’t a clue what that means, because I happen to like my father’s WWII movies. I mean, what’s wrong with this scene:

Via : Deadline