Bradley Cooper as The Flash?

It’s certainly a possibility given Bradley Cooper’s high star status right now. Like Ryan Reynolds before him, I’m pretty sure Cooper can, at this point, get attached to any movie he desires as long as he even remotely expresses peripheral interest in it.

Word from Moviehole (citing unnamed sources) is that Cooper is the frontrunner to play the Scarlett Speedster in a big-budget, live-action version of the D.C. comic book character who can run so fast that, I believe at one point, he actually outran Death.

Of course, it’s still early days for a “Flash” movie, given that a script has yet to be turned in (one is expected by this December), and the studio has yet to officially greenlit such a potentially very expensive production. Reynolds has long expressed his desire to play Wally West, one of the Flashes, but with his current schedule, adding another potential movie franchise is obviously a non-starter.

So, Bradley Cooper as The Flash? Could be worst…