Bradley Cooper in Man of Steel? (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

Bradley CooperSo yeah, this is totally “out of left field” news, but according to the going rumor on the net this morning, Bradley Cooper is playing Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, his rebooted Superman movie staring Henry Cavill as the beefcake illegal intergalactic alien here to save us all from ourselves and assorted bad things we like to do to each other.


The rumor comes courtesy of a site called Cosmic Book News, and yeah, I’ve never heard of it, either. According to the site, they have been sent unverified reports that Cooper will be appearing in Snyder’s movie as Lex Luthor, though it’s only a cameo appearance. As we already know, the main villains of “Man of Steel” is Superman’s fellow Kryptonian refugee, General Zod (Michael Shannon).

Who knows if this is really true, but if it does pan out, I do hope it’s just a cameo. I’m sorry, I know Batman has to have his Joker and Superman has to have his Lex Luthor, but for God’s sake, I really don’t need another Superman vs. Lex Luthor movie. Haven’t we already seen this, what, four times now? Sheesh.

But if Cooper is indeed in the movie, and it is just a cameo appearance (setting up a sequel, no doubt), this would actually be pretty interesting casting. I mean, Lex Luthor as a suave, handsome billionaire with Hollywood movie star good looks? And, you know, not bald? That would be an interesting take on an old, stale villain, no doubt.

Lex Luthor Comic Book

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