Bradley Cooper in Talks to Star in The Crow Reboot


Remember that scene in “Limitless” in the subway station when Bradley Cooper’s character realizes he knows how to fight, and ends up taking on a half dozen guys at the same time? Well now imagine him with a white, painted face and Crow make-up, because Heat Vision is reporting that Cooper is currently in negotiations to front Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s reboot of “The Crow”.

Scant days after announcing that Fresnadillo will be taking over the “Crow” reboot from Stephen Norrington, who was involved for the longest time before quitting, Relativity isn’t wasting any time landing their leading man. Word is Cooper’s involvement is still in the “early negotiations” stages, but it’s apparently far enough along for the trades to report the potential casting.

If all goes well, Relativity is hoping to get the reboot in production by the Fall, which would mean a 2012 release date or thereabouts.

So, does potentially having Cooper as The Crow finally convince you to be excited about a reboot of Alex Proyas’ “The Crow”, based on the comic book series by James O’Barr? Or does it not even matter who stars or directs this thing, you’ll still, ahem, crow about it?

Author: Nix

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  • Bad Zack

    not a good choice

  • Anonymous

    NO DAMN YOU….Ryan Reynolds gave you the nod for the FLASH. You were my second pick as well! Don’t end your career like this hahaha.

  • Dedpool

    *sigh* I read somewhere they are actually retelling the Eric Draven story. If so then I really don’t want to see that again. We got the original and a cancelled before its time series in “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven” whish was a completely different take on the story itself. Why revisit it again? Tell a new story. I don’t see him on the roleas Eric at all, but as a new character I could deal with that. But yeah I’m with you TSTI he needs to do Flash.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he’d work as a villain, parlay some of that vaguely dickish/douchebaggy vibe his last few roles have put out. But I had thought this was long dead or stuck in develpment hell.

  • Nc32203

    What a disrespect to Brandon Lee….leave this one alone

  • Brittdasheet

    There could be countless other, original stories that could use with The Crow as a vehicle for unbridled retribution. Really, the possibilities are “limitless”. But to rehash the Draven storyline? That’s just plain lazy..

  • Falock_09

    honestly i love the original tale, brandon lee was amazing. however he is not the crow, like keaton is not batman, christopher reeves is not superman, they did amazing jobs, but they are in the end only tools to tell the tale. i welcome this movie with open arms, because who knows they could do it better, i’m a half full kinda guy and always hope that the remake will be better than the original if not i still got the original to keep me entertained

  • Daydream Believer

    I agree, they should leave this one alone. I have a feeling that a re-hash will simply be a watered-down version of the cult classic. Aesthetically I don’t see how they can replicate it. It isn’t necessary. And Bradley Cooper? Give me a break. Not as Draven. Hell, even put Dacascos back in. Personally I feel Brandon took it to his grave, but I’ll have to see it before I judge.

  • Myshoeishotpink

    Bad choice
    I would like to see a new actor or maybe like Sung Kang

  • Myshoeishotpink

    Bad choice
    I would like to see a new actor or maybe like Sung Kang