Brand New Teaser and a Trailer for the Japanese Comedy Robo-G

Robo-G (2012) Movie PosterWhat happens when a group of bumbling scientists attempt to pass off a elderly gentleman as a walking, talking, sentient roboto? Hijinks! All sorts of hijinks! And why not? Watching an old guy tool around inside a kick-ass robot suit is amusing, regardless of the context. Below you’ll find a new teaser and the first trailer for “Robo-G”, a Japanese motion picture centered around the premise detailed above. I have a weakness for this sort of broad comedy, especially when it involves old guys in robot suits. Did I mention that already? I feel that I have.

Anyway, here’s the synopsis:

The story revolves around a team of three at a small electronics maker, who receive an order from the company president to develop a robot for the purpose of getting the company more exposure. However, one week before their planned announcement at a robotics expo, their robot gets destroyed, so in order to save face they decide to take the stage with an old man in a robot suit. Unexpectedly, their “robot” receives huge acclaim and fame.

Shinobu Yaguchi’s “Robo-G”, which stars Mickey Curtis, Yuriko Yoshitaka, Gaku Hamada, Junya Kawashima, Tomoko Tabata, and Emi Wakui, does the robot across Japan beginning January 14th, 2012. The two trailers, meanwhile, are prepared to entertained you.