Brand New Trailer for the Martial Arts Action Comedy Fist of Dragon

Way back in the year that was 2009, yours truly covered a flick called “Fist of Dragon”, a martial arts outing that appeared to have all its cinematic ducks in a row. Now, nearly two years later, another trailer for the film has managed to find its way onto this site. According to sources close to the production, the film is finally hitting theaters in Singapore this August. What does that mean for you, exactly? Well, it means you should book your flights now, schedule your entire life around its premiere, and, above all else, check out the embedded trailer. But, of course, you already knew that.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the plot:

Fist of Dragon” tells the story of Li, who comes to South East Asia by the request of his father to help out his uncle who has been facing financial difficulties. Li, upon arriving in the town, feels out of place due to the differences in cultures of the people here. When he discovers that his uncle has been facing many hardships posed by the local mobsters, Li decides to stay and to help his uncle and get rid of them. However, Li encounters resistance from the locals as Li’s action brings the wrath of the triad and drags the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, his uncle’s daughter, Lily is on the triad side, and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the two groups reach its peak.

Now that you’ve been reacquainted, feel free to watch the clip!