Brand New US Poster for Prachya Pinkaew’s Upcoming Brawler The Kick

Let’s face it: Jija Yanin is freaking adorable, and I must admit she’s half the reason why “Chocolate” and “Raging Phoenix” are a blast to watch. She also kicks a hell of a lot of ass, which is why action director extraordinaire Prachya Pinkaew’s upcoming fighter “The Kick” sounds like such a good idea to me. The film — which is a co-production between South Korea and Thailand — will prominently feature the art of Taekwondo, with choreography duties handled by martial arts guru Master Ahn Chang-beom. The US poster for the flick resides below. Not sure when this thing will bow Stateside, but I’m hoping it’s sooner than later.

Before eyeballing the poster, read this synopsis:

Moon is a Taekwondo master running an old Taekwondo gym in Bangkok. All five members of his family are also the masters of Taekwondo in different styles: his wife Yoon in cooking style, son Taeju in dancing style, daughter Taemi in soccer style, and the youngest Typhoon can break anything with his strong forehead.

Moon wants his children to be Taekwondo coaches to take over his gym in future. However, regardless of their father’s will, Taeju wants to be a famous pop singer and Taemi is only interested in her secret crush at school.

One day, Taekwon family encounters treasure robbers on the street by accident and happens to get caught into fight with them. With surprising martial art skills, TK family knocks down the robbers and takes back the stolen treasures. The head of the robbers Pom, who is notorious for many crimes, escapes alone and trembles with rage.

TK family becomes famous in public. But, They do not know that Pom is planning to get his revenge.

Source: Twitch