Brandon Routh, Bryan Singer, and The Man of Steel Confusions Galore

I’ve been reading a lot of articles on other movie sites about the upcoming “Man of Steel” movie (sequel to Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”), and all of the articles seem to be stemming from one Variety blog entry that talks about Bryan Singer not returning to direct “Man of Steel”, and Brandon Routh being tossed as the man of steel himself. I read the original article days ago, when it was first posted, but it seemed so arbitrary that I never posted on it. But since everyone is getting in on the act, let’s see what we can see here…

Here’s the full entry, so we don’t miss anything (via):

Speaking of DC Comics pics, it is highly unlikely that Bryan Singer will return to shoot the next Superman movie. (The director is finishing up Tom Cruise’s Nazi film Valkyrie, and prepping The Mayor of Castro Street). The next Superman we will see on the big screen will not be Brandon Routh, but a younger Superman among a cast of youthful superheroes in The Justice League. That movie will likely not be shot, however, until after the WGA strike is resolved. Warners is so happy with Dark Knight that their fondest hope is that Nolan will return to do another Batman.

Okay, from that, here’s what I got:

– Bryan Signer is PROBABLY NOT (“highly unlikely”, she says) returning for “The Man of Steel”.

But that whole thing about Brandon Routh gets a little confusing. You can read it two ways:

– Brandon Routh has been dropped as Superman, and the young actor who is cast as Superman in the upcoming Justice League movie will take over as Superman in “The Man of Steel”, OR

– Brandon Routh will still be Superman in “The Man of Steel”, she (the writer) was just referring to the fact that the “next Superman we will see on the big screen” NEXT won’t be Routh, not because he’s been dropped, but because you’ll see the NEW SUPERMAN that has been cast in the Justice League movie first, because the Justice League Movie will come out before “Man of Steel”.

Or something like that. Eh, read the whole thing, and parse it yourself the way you want to parse it.

Personally I thought Routh did a bang up good job with the role, and it would be the height of pointless idiocy to dump him for absolutely no reason. “Superman Returns” the movie didn’t sink or swim because of who was playing Superman, and giving the role to a younger actor sure as hell isn’t going to save it, if that’s the intention.

Brandon Routh, Bryan Singer, and The Man of Steel Confusions Galore