Breaking Down the Catwoman Contenders for Batman Begins 3

If it sucks being Aaron Eckhart and being asked constantly by oblivious reporters about your obviously dead character, it probably doesn’t suck too much to be one of the actresses rumored up for the part of Catwoman in the third Batman film. Or at least, if you’re a publicist worth his salt, you’ve already positioned your client as one of the women up for the role, even if said role doesn’t technically exist … yet. But let’s be honest: Catwoman is bound to show up in the rebooted Bat franchise sooner or later. That much is a give. So when the Cat finally does show up to get some Bat, who should play her? Let’s break down the candidates and see where they rank in the odds department. (And yes, I’m going to ignore the fact that some retard somewhere actually suggested Cher might star in the role.)

Angelina Jolie: The odds on favorite has Angelina Jolie playing Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. Why Angelina Jolie? Probably because she’s the most famous of all the names that have been bandied about, and let’s face it, Jolie could not only work in the role, she would own this thing the way Michelle Pfeiffer did in “Batman Returns” and the way Halle Berry failed so miserably in “Catwoman”.

Pros: She’s no stranger to action movies (the “Tomb Raider” movies, “Wanted”), and she has no problems oozing sexuality onscreen (pretty much every movie she’s done). Also, she can act, so Nolan can’t just dismiss her for lacking talent.

Cons: After giving birth to her 60th child, Jolie has said that she plans to go into semi-retirement. Also, Jolie isn’t just a big name, she’s a really big name, so Nolan may not want the distraction of having a major Hollywood diva in his midst. Forget about fanboys snapping pictures from the parking lot for AICN, the set would be full of paparazzis day in and day out. And after two mega hits, Nolan has earned the right to call the shots on Batman 3.

Odds: Pretty damn good.

Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Movie Image

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Okay, so this may seem somewhat farfetched, but it’s out there. Maggie Gyllenhaal will return from the dead to play Catwoman in the third Batman film. I shit you not. This is one of the rumors regarding the third film and the Catwoman character. But would this Catwoman be a reincarnation of Rachel Dawes, the character Gyllenhaal played in “The Dark Knight”, or an altogether new character named Selina Kyle? Anything’s possible, I suppose.

Pros: Well, Gyllenhaal can act, so there’s that. Plus, she’s got creepy ass eyes, and could reasonably play a creepy ass Catwoman as a result, and she’s got the dangerous part down. That is, if Nolan and company wants to go in that direction.

Cons: Catwoman is supposed to be sexy and dangerous, not creepy and dangerous. Plus, how is Nolan going to wash bringing back Gyllenhaal as Catwoman, when he already killed her off as Rachel Dawes? Of course, they could go the reincarnation route, which would make even less sense, and completely turn the “gritty real world superhero” universe that Nolan is going for on its head, so I don’t see this happening at all.

Odds: Highly unlikely.

Rachel Weisz: The majority of the Batman cast are already filled by guys with accents playing Americans, so why not add another one? That would be Rachel Weisz, who lacks Angelina Jolie’s star power, but has her acting cache. Weisz could fit in if the script is tailored to her strengths and doesn’t force her out of her acting comfort.

Pros: While I don’t think Weisz can bring anywhere near the sex appeal that Jolie could bring to a sexy Catwoman role, if Nolan chooses to go the “Batman Returns” route and have Catwoman be a mild-mannered secretary who discovers the freak in her, or something similar, then Weisz would be perfect.

Cons: See above.

Odds: Pretty good if Catwoman isn’t a slick, sexy thief; not so much if she is.

Rachel Weisz

Rhona Mitra: Mitra is the latest name to be bandied about as a possible Catwoman. There’s really no rhyme or reason to how Mitra’s name came up; someone just decided to ask her about the role, and she’s said Yeah, she’d do it if Nolan called, what is she, nuts to say No?

Pros: Like Jolie, Mitra is no stranger to action films and kicking ass (“Underworld”, “Doomsday”, and her past modeling days as a Lara Croft model), but unlike Jolie, she’s not famous enough to have paparazzi stalking her. So less distractions with Mitra as Catwoman. Plus, she can fill out the catsuit like no one’s business.

Cons: Well, it’s Rhona Mitra, and she’s already considered a poor man’s Kate Beckinsale. So, you know, if you were going to get Mitra, why wouldn’t you go ahead and try to get Beckinsale first?

Odds: If Jolie is offered and declines, and Kate Beckinsale also declines, and other actresses also declines … you get the idea.

Notable Possibilities:

Kate Beckinsale: One word: “Underworld”. To be honest with you, I’m surprised no one has associated Beckinsale with the role yet. She seems like a perfect fit — an English thespian who has proven that she can go from big budget action movies to small-time indie dramas without batting an eye. Exactly the kind of actor Nolan likes to cast in his movies.

Sienna Miller: One word: “G.I. Joe”. Okay, so maybe that movie will turn out to be a big waste of time, but did you see how well Sienna Miller fit into that Baroness costume? Oh my. Sure, Miller will be a handful, but I’m sure the promise of greater fame and fortune as Catwoman in a Batman film will temper her bratty personality — at least until the movie finishes filming.

So why all this interest from fandom for a role that doesn’t even exist yet? Because it’s a juicy, career-making role, that’s why. This is, after all, a Christopher Nolan Batman movie. And yeah, every fanboy worth his salt has drooled over Catwoman before in the past, so there’s that.

But what do you guys think? Got any Catwoman casting favorites?