Breck Eisner is Crazies for Escape from New York Remake

One way or another, Snake Plissken is escaping from that hellhole call New York. Again. After a lot of fits and starts, the film is once again on the move with news that “The Crazies” remake director Breck Eisner is currently in talks to direct. Eisner is the latest director in a long line of directors that have, at one point or another, been attached to the remake, including Len Wiseman aka Mr. Kate Beckinsale, Jonathan Mostow, and everyone’s favorite director, Brett Ratner. (Everyone loves Brett Ratner, right? It’s not just me?)

Eisner is coming off “The Crazies”, a very good action-thriller in my opinion (it was nothing special, but it wasn’t terrible, either), and before that, “Sahara”. There is no star attached to the “Escape” remake, though Gerard Butler was originally interested, but eventually left when the film stalled.

For more information on the remake, including plot details and what has changed from the original, see here.

'Seriously, who does a guy have to assassinate to get a remake made around here?'